My UNWILLING Interview With SANDY…


Just yesterday AGAIN I was involved with this same situation,

P.S.:     Just to know, SANDY isn’t a Person;

NOW then,

When last did you Run around SO MUCH,

Been SO busy that I couldn’t even Imagine when or where,

You’d STOP and take in a Breathe,

Getting ready to Power-down for whichever reason?

Every now and then,

At work as you’d expect we’re got a Situation almost like this,

You work, Doing what you can, Seeing what you CAN get around to,

But mostly as we get Older OR the work Continue,

We do Find that getting Everything done isn’t as EASY as we suspect!

THEN Comes the moment, time or situation that You’ve got to wait…


Mr. Sand-Man…

When I was retrenched,

I helped out with my Sister’s Kids,

When they needed to get to some place


Had something to do and there was NO Transportation…


I was the Driver AND at times,

Had to WAIT for Whichever Reason,

For them to Finish with their Activities…

The VERY same way in which we Some of the Times WAIT

At work for the Clients to Finish…

AND that’s just where the Tire hits US the Hardest!

Not that the Waiting it the toughest,


When You’ve run around SO Much,

You’re Brain stops and want to Relax;


Now you can ONLY But Idle in Waiting for whichever or whatever Reason!

Time is Relative in this Regard,

You do not WANT to wait for someone else,

But We do not Have a choice in the matter!

Still it’s Very Hard in LITERALLY keep your Eyes OPEN,

While you keep WAITING for something to come to pass!

Either you go Fishing,


You fall on your Bed and take a “Power Nap”,

But if you’re like me,

You STRUGGLE through this Stint while the Batteries are LOW,

Looking, Forcing and Hoping to get through it,

WAITING – Ironically,

For that SECOND gear…

When I’m Driving far,

AND while I’m at Home,

I get Something to keep me busy…

Driving – would Mean to have something to Eat (sweats – candy will do),

Just getting UP from sitting,

When we were TOLD back in the DAY,

As close as you can, Almost every Half-Hour;

Getting UP from where you are Sitting…

But when You’re at Work,

Moving around or doing Something on Your Phone can help only So much,

AND still You’ll have to wait until it’s Time to leave…

That’s the Hardest thing at time to do,

When You’re Really busy and get Home,

After a LONG-LONG Day,

When you’re body and MIND can slow down,

You KNOW you can Chill-lax,

That’s just where You find the Issue…

That Unwilling Interview with Sandy…

Even if there are Others around you,

We do need some Time in Relaxing,

Not that’s a Possibility –

Seeing our Lives are so Hurried;

Getting that Much needed Rest,

Relaxation, becomes a Mission onto itself!


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