Vain… You’re So VAIN!


Yes… yes… Almost that Song of “Carly Simon”

On the “Local” but rather the Provincial Radio Station I heard the other day that

Facebook had launched a New App or You could use it.


You can add a Photo of yourself and it will Determine what Age you actually are…

Now or Then or Whichever… I have no idea,

Seeing I’ve not Used it and will not either!

Thinking of this,

I’ve Seen and Heard SO Many people having the issue about this or With Themselves.

We’re ALL Human and will not want to Parade ourselves in Public,

Looking like a Horses… well, you get the idea?

That is one thing,

Looking Presentable and


You can sell be yourself and dress well,

But there are those times when SOME people just Have to show-up,

Looking like Million Dollars.

There’s Nothing wrong with it,

Wanting to look good,

The ONLY issue is when you do, LOOKING down on someone that Dressed other than You…

Believing You’re BETTER than the rest…

Well this I Suspect everyone had seen before as well.

But Dressing isn’t the Only Issue there.


I’m not Looking or either Saying that there’s MORE Women doing this,

In the Past few Years the Term had been Coined as well,

Metro Sexual Male…

Looking After themselves more than Most Women would do.

SO, if the Shoe fits!

This idea comes from the General thought though,

SOME people worry about their Physical Appearance.

Worried about their Age,

What they Look like,

How they’re Dressing for their Age,

How OTHERS sees them,

If they do or ARE looking what they should…

THIS is also part of Being Human.

THE ONLY thing that Most of the People,

Whomever they may be,

Have forgotten is this.

All of us MAY be Living on this Earth,


There’s ALMOST nothing on this very Earth which ISN’T detrimental to ALL of us;

If you get TOO much of Something,

It could be BAD for you!

If you go to the Hospital,

Receiving 100% clean Oxygen,

TOO much of this, when You’re NOT ILL will become a Poison to you.

From my Little Memory from School,

Biology –

Everyone Knows when You have a Lack of Breathable Air,

That can Kill you…

This SUBSTANCE is used by Your Body to Develop

H²O, the Oxygen is used to Create Water for Your body…

Even this,

Something we NEED to live,

That same Oxygen or the Derivative there of…

In our Air to breathe,

Isn’t a Clear Oxygen…

Also DEGRADE your bodies Cells and that Causes Us to AGE!

It now Doesn’t Really Matter what you believe or DO,

Yes, If you Do enjoy looking Good or Dressing Up;

That’s VERY Good for you;

But Remember – we all age over time…

There’s also a very GOOD reason for that…

You SEE time Passing by on the Changes in Your Face or Your Body.

THIS is like your Life Clock,

MAKING you See that Time Is Passing


You Need to Do what You want to do,

Getting to it and Living the Life as you Wish to do…

Not to Say you’d Get there,

But TRYING is better than to just Staying where You are!

Growing Older and Looking Different is Your Clock,

You may NOT want it,

But without it,

How Can we Gauge Our Lives…

Enjoy it While You have the Time to Enjoy it…


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