Pains, Strains, Irritations, Nerve-Infliction…

Thee other day I was helping out with an Issue at work,

As Normally I do in helping our Clientele…

The ONLY issue this time,

The Client had a problem with the Key of the Car.

That be good enough, Understandable as well.


As per Usual I had NO idea that there was a Spare Key.

Now here comes the BIG Joke,

They’d broken BOTH the keys for the Car which they’d bought.

NOW then, if You break Your stuff,

You’d better Sort it out Yourself… NOT?


There I was, ASKED to help out as I could to see if there’s Something to be done.

Looking at this I was trying to find the Best solution.

The Cost of Sorting this Key – Issue out was far MORE than what Anyone wanted to be Saddled-Up with…

Eventually I did manage to get a Little Key-holder frame from another Key which worked the very same way this Older one was using…

JUST Then,

When You LEAST expect it,

Things went “Bump”

The Flat-point screwdriver I was working with,

Slipped and with the Client’s INSISTANCE at being in a HURRY,

Didn’t help either…


Me and the Screwdriver had a VERY intimate moment or two there!


Now, I couldn’t STOP with what I was doing

AND so,

Did what I could,

Even handing the Client a set of My Own pliers just to get HIM out of there,

Then ONLY was I able to start looking at this wound,

Of which I could Literarily FEEL the Blood-Poisoning running from my Upper Thumb Flesh towards my Wrist area.

Now then,

The Screwdriver Penetrated deep enough so that some of the Deep tissue was Affected.

The MOMENT the object penetrate your body,

You react so fast if you can,

You Pull the object out as fast as It entered, Wherever that was…

While I was busy with this Client,

With the constant working,

I left the Nerves being Affected by the Rust which was on the Shaft of the Screwdriver.

THAT kind of Interference wasn’t Nice in the least bit!

Then as well,

With the Impact I did feel that my Left hand wasn’t able to Function as well it did as before;


As with the Pain associated with the Actual Wound,

There wasn’t any Real pain there.

Pressing on it wasn’t really nice,

But then, I had to Open it and clean it out as best I could.

The Young Woman at the Chemist told me this,

1ly, – Never pull the Skin away OR from your Body where the Injury occurred.

2ly, – The Skin covers the area and thus, Possibly no More dirt and such can Easily enter.

3ly, – Warm Water to Clean out the wound isn’t the Best you can do.

4th, – If you have Access to Salt, luke-warm water so that the Solvent of this can Better Penetrate

and actually clean the wound.

5th, – It didn’t FEEL that it was working, So I rubbed the Un-dissolved Salt into the wound.

6th, – If you Cannot handle that kind of Burn from the Salt on the Open Nerves – do not do this!

7th, – Even if you Believe You’ve got ALL of it, Medication to work from INSIDE is needed!

There was some Impurities which got Trapped inside my Hand – THUS the Medication

to Treat this was VERY Important!

8th, – If you’ve got some Lotion to help in the Healing, use it and allow for LONG enough so the

Wound closes-up.

9th, – With our Closed blood-circulation, it is IMPERETIVE to make sure to get Medical

attention as well as Medication as soon as possible.

10th, – Severe SHOCK will increase the Heart Beating FASTER and thus the circulation to

become very Dangerous. Thus, even if it’s ONLY a Screwdriver, Make sure to keep as

Calm as possible and Breathe normally.

THUS, I can report that the Tissue feels better over the Past few weeks. Not only this, the Wound had healed Nicely – BUT, any kind of Foreign Substance can Stay for a good Many weeks in Your body.

If any kind of Infection isn’t Dealt with Correctly, I can create all kinds of Secondary Problems for us.

Keep a close eye on Anyone who got an Injury



Accidents Happen SO Fast You cannot Even Try and Predict them!

Be As Safe As You Can Be!

Somewhat close to where I stabbed myself…



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