The Freezing Embrace of the Frozen Winter Arrival.


There’s much we can Talk about when it comes the Winter,

To say the LEAST,

About Every possible thing or Every possible Season –

It would All Depend on how much We do not LIKE this Season,


Whichever THING we do not like…


What is there about the Winter You do not like?

We can be REALLY–REALLY Lucky that we do not have Snow Storms!

BUT then, We’ve had Winter Rains as of the Last Few Year though.

THIS, cannot be Nice when You’re at work and NOT Dressed warm enough!

The Winter as with ALL the Other season,

THOSE which we can Actually SEE these days;

Comes at us in Waves…

Now, We can very Seldom see Autumn and Spring so well,

BUT, when you see the Beautiful Change in the Leaves on the Trees,

The Bright Red, Orange and Yellow… I can tell you that is Autumn.

The very same thing with Spring,

The Moment the Blossoms comes out,

ALL of them looking Really Fresh,

That Be Spring… The warmth of Summer will Follow!

The Other thing that I myself Hate about the Coming Winter time,

I’m still active with One Window open where I work on my PC,

Giving me Fresher Air and Just barely Keeping the Temperature Low…

THIS also keeping pretty Wake,

Seeing anyone can get Tired…

BUT, while I was working actively the Other Day,

WITH this Window open only a CRACK,

That horrible Felt Fire SMOKE Reached in and SHOOK me around! ! !

It’s so DAMN interesting that WE believe that Nature cannot Regulate itself? ? ?

SO, I had to close the Window,

OR I’d be Smoked out of the Apartment while I really Needed to Work!

The VERY Next Day I was driving Home,

When I saw that Another Section of the Felt was being Burnt this time.

Although it was Much further from the Building than the possible Fire the Day before…

It’s SO Strange,

As soon as the Winter Passes around,

Everyone believes that they need to Burn the Felt so that it’ll grow better with the Coming Summer… Which the Idea I do Understand,

JUST how Regular it is that After the Fire had been LIT,

Those who actually WANT to burn the Felt,

They MOSTLY do not stay around to make sure it’s Safe for the REST around where the Fire Could and Would be Raging!

Another VERY Interesting THING I’ve picked up on,

I JUST caught this One Morning on my way to work.

Driving Underneath the ONE Bridge,

Knowing that just AFTER I exit it,

The S U N would Blast me with its Ray of Light!

This Isn’t so Interesting;


What I did Pick up on,

With the Sun-Rise,

I would see it at an angle from the Direction I was Driving in.

If a Compass was Aiming NORTH right in front of You,

Then the Sun would be Rising in the POSSIBLE North-West…

For Everyone else,

Looking at the Clock Attached to this Post,

If the Clock’s ( 12 ) is Aimed where You’re Driving to,

Then the Sun would be Rising to your POSSIBLE 10 o’clock Digit.

Meaning, the Compass and Clock keeps still and pointing only in the Direction your driving at One moment.

I’ve NOT Physically Checked on a Clock OR Compass,

This its ONLY a Possible Indicator…


Later Afternoon when I drive the SAME way Home,

The Sun is this time Right in Front of me.

If Looked at the Compass and Clock,

It would RISE at the 10 O’clock or NW direction;

But with that Compass and Clock still standing Still in the Direction of the Morning,

The Sun would be Setting At the 6 O’clock OR

The SOUTH arm of the Compass…

If you Do Understand what I’m getting at,

NOW, Imagine when our Season is past,

With Summer,

To which Direction should the sun be Rising…


From the Day I Saw the Sun’s Position,

IT Had moved from almost Directly In Front of me,

TO the 10 O’clock OR North-West Direction…

NOT Too sure if it will MOVE even More from the last Position I’d seen it…

How much will it move and

How Interesting is it that THIS Movement OR Change in Season have Taken Place like this for Centuries,

A Day at a Time!

What Else is there that Just Happens which we Don’t Even SEE…?



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