I followed this Account,


Then I got this message from the person:

Oh that’s great do you mind if we can give you a task?
We can choose a topic for you to write in LESS that ( 52 ) words.

If we get impressed with your writing we can sign you.

I was quit interested and got this after my reply:

Choose any ONE of the following (a) Life (b) Africa (c) 2015 (d) Food (e)


As I’m some kind of Over-achier in Writing, this is what I sent them, After I got an e-mail
to send my (pieces) to…

Having NO Idea what this writing piece should really have been…

There had been so many before, trying to capture the essence of life.                                                           Understanding the need to define it and thus in a way capturing its description, what it means to                 live your life.

The easiest, of this, is in fact;… just use it as best you can.

This is a large, diverse continent in the world. So many a peoples live here                                                  together, with such potential, but then the nature of humans; dictates a totally different manner in                seeing ownership of its treasures.

Thus, each day leaves us with more uncertainty than actual progress.

The film 2012 gave us once again, a film, idea, story of Armageddon. Now then, what would the                possible future hold for most, in 2015.

Seeing past your problems, reaching out and fighting – we just might teach or pull others with:                    reaching our possible goals!

I’ve heard of many, reality television shows. But then, it was inevitable that even food, would                     become part of this line of entertainment.

Actually interesting at that, seeing, just how much time we take; making it, choosing it, debating it               and eating it… very strange.

As of late, culture had been brought into view, at its most extreme.
With the problem of xenophobia. I cannot believe it’s ever been concentrated to one area or                       country.
Still, if humans cannot at least respect other people’s cultures, were annihilating ourselves from                 Earth, in due time.
Now then, I received a e-mail, stating that they looked for ONLY One of those AND then I found that it should be an Idea for a TV Show of some sort.
If I had known this, I would have done it Totally Different at that…
Shows you, Never just IN too fast, you Still might do it wrong. THEN as well, when Whomever asks you to do it Over again;
Do it and see if it’ll not work out better…?

By now this Idea of Mine had been running around in my Mind for at least TWO
It wasn’t HARD at all, BUT I did mention to them that some of the Topics they gave me would Feature in this Idea they wanted…
This I mentioned to them after they gave me an Additional chance in doing this.

MY Second Shot At This:
Black Death (oil).

The Earth is sick and in 2015 everyone sees this, just off the Eastern coast of Africa.
At 0º – latitude and 0º – longitude, becomes a life-threatening disaster for all the people.
Only greed, becomes a bigger problem, than the threat itself.
NOW then, this is what I would have giving them IF I had the time and didn’t Have to Worry about
the Topics Merging in creating this Idea…

Black Death (oil)

Shockingly in 2015, just off the Coast of East Africa, on the intersecting lines of the Equator and               the Prime Meridian at 0º – latitude and 0º – longitude; Life for all Cultures of the world would                         become privy to Earth’s Cancer.
This global disaster would threaten everyone; destroying Life on earth as we know it.
If all the nations cannot come together and deal with the problem as a whole, then the natural                     disaster would kill all the animal, food and humans on Earth.
Not TOO sure about this one,
Being Well over ( 52 ) words and Using all the words supplied in the Topics – I doubt if
they’d be very happy with this one…

STILL, above all,
Never Thought this could be;
THUS, if you get the Opportunity, working OUT or Not –
Take the Leap and see what might happen!

Obviously I’m Really interested in seeing what may be.
They did ask my Phone Number and Age as well.
Not to say they’d call me, but like the Lotto and Everything else in Life;

Participation is needed for you to see what Could come to Fruition…


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