WHAT in the Name of All SANITY is he chit-chat-ing about NOW?

That’s SO interesting, how this Idea and Thought came into being.

Well… it all came about with my old Sunglasses being in the Situation, needing to be Replaced.

Refraction is Actually an Official Scientific Term – just so You’d know.

Well now,

I’d bought a few specs a long time ago.

Of which ONE pair I used myself.

Then some time later we were on a Road-trip, the TWO extra sunglasses I had;

They weren’t mine anymore… Lend out for the trip…

The ONE pair I had left, the One lens got scratched;

Thus I was in the Market in getting a next set of Sunglasses.

I arrived back at the same Shop and started looking at the various Sunglasses they had this time.

I looked around and saw there were more than a few.

I found what I was looking for, BUT I had no idea just what I would find either.

I’d picked a normal Dark Lens AS well to my Surprise an Orange Paired Lens… too.

WHAT I had no idea, the Colour of the Orange Changed the Refraction of the Light.

NOW, when I drive, I feel the Impact of the Sun light on my Eyes aren’t as Intense.

As well, Funny enough, when I stop at an Intersection – the Green Light of the Robot;

The light that I now drive ON had become BLUE, with the Colour Change of the Sunglasses.

I suspect that STRANGELY, the Orange MIGHT even change the reaction


The behaviour of my Eye.

I know that people with Blue Eyes, have some difficulty with TOO Much light.

I know that I do.

THUS, with the Lenses I suspect that my Eyes now behave like Green eyes.

Not affected by the Sun Light as much as it would be without this particular set.

Almost like Bono of the Band – U2,

Paul David Hewson,

How has an Issue with his eyes as well,

Wearing the blue sunglasses, helping him to see better.

I can remember he gave Oprah the pair he had.

THUS, with the curvature of the lens


Your reading or Seeing lenses of your Spectacles,

It helps for you to see and Read with.

Not only that,

But your Cornea is also curved,

Helping to focus the Images on the rear of the Eyeball,

Turned Upside Down;

While the Brain in turn, changes the Image around so You’d Understand what You’re actually looking at.


It’s when LIGHT is changed after Hitting or Moving through Another medium.


With your spectacles lens,

This helps US, anyone to see with.

The Colour of the lens also changes in Intensity of the light hitting your eyes.

So that, with the Orange colour of the Lens I now have,

The Intense Sun Light doesn’t affect my eyes that much anymore.

As within Science,

Using a Prism,

If it hits the Prism at 90°, you have the change in the light from “White”

To the various colours which white light really consists of.

While looking at Diamonds,

When light Hits a Diamond which had been Cut correctly,

That would mean the light hits the Diamond at 24°,

AND if it’s cut correctly at that,

The light becomes trapped inside the Diamond and takes so much longer in getting out of it.

That is why Diamonds, cut correctly,

Sparkle so much…

In this same manner with Light’s inability of escaping,

That’s the manner in which Fibre Optics works as well.

The light has to travel along the tube,

Moving from one section of the Optic tube to the other side,

Transporting information along the way…

Strange how things we use now,


May change the way we use or Do things tomorrow…



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