Change is as Good as a Holiday…


I’m not Truly sure about this one,

But then I cannot Argue with this Mindset – Thought OR Ideology either…

The Question here is this,

HOW long do you need be on a Holiday for that to really have the Effect on you,

Which we in MOST instances need.

Getting your Batteries recharged.

NOT Only from the Past,

But as the People at work also want to have a Breakaway,

I KNOW that there’s a Great Deal to do when you Reach Your Destination.

The BREAK might not be such a relaxing time,

Seeing that You have to run up and down,

Getting Everything ELSE done and sorted out,

Planning what to Eat,

Sleeping arrangements,

Places to Visit while there,

What kind of MONEY to spend on WHAT,

When You’d plan to getting back Home as well…

AND then from the Vacations we’d been on as a Family,

There’s the Children to keep Busy,

BEFORE they drive the Rest insane!

NOW, for the Idea of Change;

As a Writer and the Idea of Fēng shuῐ,

I can tell you that this MAY not be as Far Fetched as ANYONE would believe,

That said, If you think of this idea –

Thinking OUTSIDE the Proverbial “box”

Then I can tell you that, Looking at Every possible Issue, Problem OR Situation

Before you might Help you to come up with a Better Solution.

I have CHANGED around my Place or Work;

THAT said, Creatively;

AND thus, Nothing is the Same as it was Before.

You walk into the ROOM or Study in a Different Paten,

You SEE everything Inside there in Different way,

You are in Actual Fact forcing Yourself to See it Differently,

THE issue OR problem OR plans BEFORE you MAY be THE same,

But it’s YOUR Mind-set which had Changed.

AND YES, the Chinese Philosophy may be 100% Accurate…

I cannot tell you that much.

WHAT I do know, when I do Change things around,

I work at it to Focus,

Either it’s before You’re getting that NEXT Gear,

OR the Change just Helps You getting into the Habit of GOING

For it and Doing what You can in Finishing Whichever OR Whatever

Project You need to…

It doesn’t Really Matter what You’d Prefer or Believe in,

REST or Change,

Those are TWO very Necessary Aspects in getting a Tired Mind

Kicking into a Possible Different Direction…

AS Long as You don’t Expect ( O T H E R S )

To do what You’re Supposed to do;

Then Use any whichever Way to Help You to Relax and

Possibly have a Better Direction to go,

Just sitting and Listening to GOOD Music can do this for you as well;

As LONG as you now there’s Something to do

AND You’d get to it, no matter What it is…

MOVE things around


Go have a LOVELY nice Holiday, Breakaway;

JUST try to Recharge Your batteries…

So that You’d get BACK to whatever it is that

YOU’RE the one,

Who is GOOD at it…


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