A t T r A c T i O n…

I saw something quit Horrible a while ago on my Facebook timeline,

I didn’t read the Article nor did I look any further in regards to the Post.

It wasn’t so nice, what I saw in the title…

This got me thinking about something different;

As the title shows


It’s not as Horrible as what I’d read; AND interesting to say the least.

My LOVE-life isn’t anything to speak about at the Moment…

He… He… He…

What aspects are involved in Mutual Attraction?

This being ONLY from the Top of my Head, (having read a book on Body Language)

It would also Depend on US, if Our bodies know they need be Speaking a Totally Different Language to begin with!

HENCE, I’m quite Sure I’m not the Best Qualified Person to write THIS Current Post…

As well as to the Fact, I can and Probably AM totally wrong…

Now then, I took out a moment or TWO to read-up a little about what they First Few Pages on GOOGLE tells me about this.

After the Third, things they were talking about, just Changed the Order where someone would put it, within the Article and MAYBE add one or two more along the way…

Well here goes what I’m thinking and had picked up along the way:

  1. For me as a man, when You’re probably on the Look-Out for a woman to date, I mostly look at the way the women are dressed. If this outfit works for them, when they’re NOT wearing any Pink – what I find for me, that’s a good start.
  2. I TOTALLY and Utterly HATE when the School’s Holidays are going… The fact, for mostly girls – I have to CONCENTRATE even harder at making sure they’re actually at the Age of interaction. Nowadays – not that KIDS didn’t Before want to Look and Act older than they were… Nowadays with what they May be wearing and Possibly maturing faster; this is a Pretty Big Issue, if you’re Seriously looking at Dating someone within Your Age Group!
  3. Then as well, Mostly men, look at the Development of Women, as to their Chest Size. If men likes big, they’d not Care too much about a Small Chest Woman – NOT To WORRY; there are Enough men who do Like smaller women!

This ALSO, Sometimes helps to really See if You’re looking at a Girl or a Woman…

  1. MOSTLY during the Holidays, I’m not too Curious at looking at the women; Burning your Fingers isn’t that nice.
  2. What I’ve read, Most women would also look at a Man’s Height. Broad shoulders and Everyone looks at the Form of the other Person’s Face.
  3. If someone DOESN’T look me in the eye, I don’t care much. If they’re really Interested in You – they’d look you in the Eye… WITH this, the Pupils would Dilate – Meaning the black in the eyes would Grow Bigger, becoming MORE attractive.
  4. If you Like someone else – DO Not Ever put your Hands in your Pockets! That’s just plainly rude, Even if You don’t think You’re Doing this; As Well – Folding your Arms does the same kind of thing…
  5. MOSTLY, women who Play our Possibly touch their Hair; Playing with their Hair may be Attracted to you.
  6. When and If you can Keep the Attention of a Man, when he looks at you – There’s a Triangle effect you May or May not see – He’d look at your Chest and up to your Mouth. This could Indicate that he’s Interested in You for MORE than just a Platonic friendship. Do not be Offended if you do see him looking down some…
  7. Some times when Women kind of bit their Fingers or even play with their Lips, this could be an indication of theirs that They Might be interested in Kissing. Still not sure about that one.
  8. You may not KNOW him or her that well, but when someone is Interested in you: They’d do what they can in keeping the Conversation going, sometimes it’ll need some help as You don’t KNOW them; but that effort does mean a great deal. DO NOT miss that they might just Trying their luck either…
  9. Both Men and Women would See or Choose to spend time, after the First few Seconds of Interacting; This might be Horrible when they’re NOT interested – but then We cannot ever Force another to find You interesting!
  10. If Your grooming is on Standard, That also said, within Your own standard You’re presentable; that Could show how You’d treat them as well.
  11. There are also None seeing Hormones, Pheromones and Adrenaline which does play part in all of this. Nature does Jump-in and plays around with the Mating ritual… You cannot stop that from being!
  12. If you SMELL someone, if they Smell Nice without even Wearing Any Perfume OR Deodorant – that could be good! If you’re Own body Odour Conflicts with what You’re wearing, this Could Potentially push away someone You really Like… As too, TOO Much use of this, can Totally Blow Your chances as well!
  13. What I’ve read, Women dressed in Red does attack more Attention from Men – that would also be Possible if they’re Dressed in something that Compliments them. Remember, like in a Job Interview, You’ve got Barely seconds to make that Impression… Notwithstanding the SAYING; There are MANY Fish in the Sea…
  14. When a women in Most instances Touch a man, that May also be a little Further down the Line, as well as Playfully slap you, she Might be into you!
  15. For both, sharing their Intimate Space means a Great Deal! You’d not Share such small Spaces with just Anyone – Especially if you DON’T like them!
  16. For the Men, if you like her, Take that Moment – Acting like a Complete Idiot MAYBE, and just Make that First Move… If you’ve got the Chance that is. Most women do find men MORE attractive when the Other makes the First Move… That’s said – in THIS day in age, Any women who Wishes to take that Move as well, Just be REALLY-REALLY Subtle about that. If you do it STILL less Intense, he’d React better to that – IF you Scare him, it would be the SAME when “WE” feel a little OUT of Sorts, trying to Get Your Attention…

It’s NEVER easy, No matter from WHICH side it comes – We’re all Human and NEED to feel that Emotion; Love, Happiness, Friendship, Adoring, Appreciation…

  1. As I mentioned before; Eye-contact is Very Important, As well, That Beautiful Warm Friendly SMILE of yours.
  2. If the Guy You like touches you just that bit; Hand, Arm, Shoulder, Non-sexual on the Side – They’d just trying to see if you’d move off or IF they’ve got a Shot. NOT always to say that they’re JUMPING the gun… Touch from both Sides is Very Important as a Connection between You.
  3. .. Yes that’s what I said, TIME – for both… If you CANNOT spend Quality time together, what is the POINT?

There’s UTTERLY more than this and I CANNOT for the Life of me Remember what I’d read in that Book so many Years ago.

Just Remember this ONE Golden Rule,

THIS is a Definite FACT;

IF you do not Take that Chance at getting to KNOW someone,

The Attraction Could be there,

But if you’re Not Will or Taking that Chance – You’d Forever NOT Have that Date


Start that Relationship…

If you need to work on Yourself, do it, for That Possible issue Would come out in the Possible – Best Relationship of your Life

Come to Ruin it if You’re not willing to Work-out Whatever issue You Might Have…

If You Are Ready,

Just Try It And See…


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