Food For Thought…


Food For Thought,

Quit a few weeks back, I’ve bought a PIZZA from various parlours – shops;
I did my best at buying the same kind of Pizza from all of them.
HENCE, what I was looking for was a Pepperoni Pizza from all of them.

While I was working at a specific Pizza shop, speaking to the Manager on my Shifts,
I learned quit a lot about the various sides of creating a Pizza.
Meaning, if one company use Product A to create a Base and
The OTHER company use Product H for theirs,
I can Promise You that the Taste of the Two would differ.

Not ONLY this,
But there’s a Definite Difference in the various ways which You bake OR
Get the food warmed-up or done for the Clients.

The TIME duration for the Food through the various Ovens,
How HOT this temperature is as well.
NOT even mentioning that the Difference in the Products there are,
Would Eventually leave you Tasting something Different from ONE place to the Other…

I’d not seen every one of the other Shop’s methods in preparing the food,
But I know there are More or Less THREE ways in which the Pizza can be baked.
There’s the Possibly, Mostly use – Convection Ovens.
With this they Use some kind of Liquid within the Oven, which can be heated up by Elements – like the same way your Kettle would be working. The System would probably be closed, seeing if you need to Constantly refill the Kettle, this Oven will COST a great deal. It DOES take time in Heating up and so;
When the Pizza, with all its TOPPINGS as it’s called, pass through the Oven on a Conveyer belt – the same as the Black Rubber Belt at some of the Grocers shop we Buy from,
Then the Metal conveyer belt lets heat through AND the food is warmed-up or Baked in the Oven by VERY VERY HOT AIR.
There’s also the Flame Grilled,
If You’ve ever Frequented Nando’s OR Spur, OR any other Restaurant You may have seen that they use Open Flames in getting the Food done. This would mostly be Meat as well. But I can ONLY suspect that some places use an Open flame griller in getting the food done.
THEN, what I’ve seen, a “Naturally” well, ALMOST built oven.
They use bricks, Heat-resistant or Possibly, Specific Rocks of some kind in building a ROUND oven.
Inside this Oven they use Flames as well, BUT this has ONLY two openings. One for the top which allow any spoke to Exit and then the Doorway through which they’d Place the food inside. They also use a LONG flat Blade plate with which they place the Food to be Baked inside the Oven. AS WELL, they use WOOD to burn with and thus, The need of a Chimney and the Smoke to exit as well.
As its HOT they smoke rise and Mostly don’t Affect the food much.

Within these THREE possibly ways in which Your food is Prepared, EVEN if you take the very Same Pizza or whichever,
There could be a Difference in the possible taste.
The MOST I would say, depend on the Wood they’d Use, seeing that Different elements in
the WOOD burns out and that changes the taste of the Food.
AS WELL, the Heat of all Three will Effect the Food to heat-up to different Degrees and even the Food will react differently.
Still, the BIGGEST factor of this would be the Difference in the Ingredient.
Buying from Different companies AND
Their Different Methods in Creating these base Ingredients.

Between the SIX places I’ve Eaten the same Kind of Pizza,
I’ll put them Up and which were the Least nice to the Best.
This being ONLY my Opinion –
You’ll have to go see what You make of this…

My least Favourite in the Pepperoni Pizza would be;
I MUST say that there Could be Other flavours which would be Nice for me,
But I’d not Sampled any of them at the Various Parlours…

6. Mimo’s

5. Domino’s

4. Xana’s

3. Empire

2. Debonair’s

1. Roman’s

There were TWO companies which had TWO pizza’s in their Boxes,
I know that Roman’s does sell them in this Fashion, but I had no idea that Empire does it as well.
HENCE, the idea that when I ate the Barbeque Chicken from Empire I found that their Chicken was Better than the Pepperoni.
The REASON I mentioned that there COULD easily be other Flavours on the Menu of the Various Pizza Parlours which would be Much better than what I’d tasted.
This is ONLY the List as to the Enjoyment of the Pepperoni which I sampled from the Various shops.

Various Sizes in Pizza,
Various methods in Heating,
Various ingredients in all of them,

Whatever tastes good for you,




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