As a Writer, Author, Novelist–

I look at Life in general; in OTHER ways than most people…

NOT only this,

But We as Creative people can at Times be TOTALLY wrong,

Thinking, Believing OR Wondering if we See, Know so much more,

Of the Different things, of Life which surrounds us, than Everyone else around US?

Well here’s an Interesting Thought, Idea for you…

I do a good deal of Things at Work,

One being, the Safe transportation of Clients AS WELL AS,

The Children – however it may be.

This isn’t any Kind of Issue for me,

As to the Little Wake-up that I received on THIS Specific day!


I drove to Pick-up the Boss’s 6 Year old.

Her Niece +/- 10-12 drove with me, both not have seen each other in a while.

As BUSY as we get,

I do Understand in TODAY’S rat-race who People live Past each other…

THUS, we drove to the House

AND as I stopped there, the Two got her Clothes so They’d have a SLEEPOVER.

Both got into the Backseat of the Car,

WITH the newly Bought Stuffed Animal.

NOT a Teddy-Bear per say,

BUT it was Soft and Fluffy…

Made me THINK of the Movie,

Despicable Me – “It’s so fluffy…”

Well now,

Before I drove off with the TWO young ladies in the Backseat,

There was a Debate ensuing of what the Little Rascals’ NAME should be.

A few popped out, but None the Better than the Previous One…


What did I do – I mentioned the Name George;

Coming from the Movie;

George of the Jungle – Brendan Fraser…

This they Latched on WITH Intensely Sharp Claws…

At least, I’d be driving and NOT worried about the Constant Question;

What should we be Naming him / it… funny actually!

Now here comes the Interesting bit.

While I listened to the Radio,

I did leant out my Ears to the Conversation which they had in the Backseat.

AS you can well Imagine while reading this…

As I’ve Believed for a LONG time already,

Not only Interesting, but the Ideas and Thoughts which Children has;

US as Grown-up’s can learn some from the Children around us.

YES, not Everything,

But if you’d really take a Listen to them, See how it is that they Continue

With whatever they’d be doing – NOT even suspecting You’re actually

Looking at the World through Their eyes,

You just MIGHT be surprised Just How their Minds work


Just how Natural and Flowing their Imaginations create the

Make Believe World they Pretend in Playing in.

So much so that I’m REALLY-REALLY Happy

I’ve only Started with the Young Adult Book to be Published.

When You write for Children,

It’s a Whole Different Level you Think on,

Work at, getting and Keeping the Attention of these little Critters!

The Very Fluffy Stuffed Creature was Seated between them.

They had mostly hold its Hands, Paws or whichever they were,

Seeing George shouldn’t get scared of driving with them in the car.

Then George had some kind of Allergy and Sneezed…

Luckily I was far enough away…

Again, he had left the Car and brought them back something to eat.

There was another Discussion if it should be French Fries OR

Were they in the Mood for something else.

Then as well, they Accidentally forgot the REST of its clothes back home.

George had not left the house frequently,

Thus he was a bit Shy inside the car.

As well, seeing it was the Younger girls toy;

When George had spoken – she was the voice as well…

There was an Entire Adventure in the back of the Car,

A great deal of this I’d forgotten,

But, while they were playing in the back of the car,

I was quite Surprised at just HOW easy their World of Imagination Comes to be.

In the same Breath,

I know that A Great many times I’ve read that there’s MANY Writers who struggle at getting their work to Flow.

Not having ANY idea where they need to go OR what should be Happening next.

As the OLD saying goes, Writer’s BLOCK…

It could Easily as well be Called – Grown-Up’s Block,

Either the Inability to SEE or the Unwillingness to SEE any Possibilities that’s out there!

If we really Look to see how Innocently and without Hesitation Children Play,

We’d see the Aspect of Living like they’re Playing,

Is something that We actually Learn over a Period of time.


I do know that Growing up we also SEE and Experience the Harshness of the Real Life,

BUT, I still do believe that Living as BEST You can,

Dreaming as Hard as You can,

COULD Potentially Lead us to Where You




To one day Reach…


It might be Childish,

BUT think of this for only a Second maybe…

IF that ONE thing you’d LIKE to do or Reach, Accomplish did happen–

With what kind of WONDER would that Fill You


Would it lead you to Live Your Life with the INSIGHT

That Another Dream, Idea or Hope COULD Potentially come True if you did

Believe it’s Possible OR Worked without Fear of Reaching that…

Believing as a Child does,

While they Create that World of Imagination,

While they’re Happily Playing there…


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