In The NICK Of Time…

YES, there was a Film Called – “Nick of Time” with Johnny Depp…

Not the same thing here though…

With the Start of the School Holidays;

I saw two possible University Female Students park next to me when I had to take a Client to the Bank.

Now there wasn’t Anything strange about this at First,

STILL I sat in the Car, waiting for the Client and one of our Runners, with the Client inside the Bank, sorting some things out…

I listened to the Radio, watched the Traffic, the People walking by…


My Eye caught the girls NOT getting out of their car.

I looked to my left, seeing FUNNY enough, they were Preparing themselves.

Now there’s NOTHING wrong with it,

Getting Yourself sorted out as best you can,

Looking Your Best for Any potential Date…

But I found it Interesting that they were Going at it So




Getting themselves Finished and ready for Whatever may be.

I didn’t expect them to do this,

Still it was Interesting, as I’ve heard on the Morning Radio a few time,

When “people” in general see Other “people”,

Getting Themselves ready for whatever reason.

At this point,

In the traffic it’ll be Really bad,

As there’s no way of Concentrating on Driving Safely AND doing whatever

Whoever is doing inside the car…

No matter WHO it is and No matter WHAT they’re doing!

I doubt that they Cared in the least bit for me,

Didn’t show that they’d even See me


Just continued doing what they did,

Changed Jackets,

Putting up her Hair,

Making sure their Mascara and Lip-gloss or whichever

Was perfect before they said Hello to whoever they’d see.

Nonetheless, it was Interesting to see the Girls

Getting ready for just walking into the Shopping Centre as they do.

Mostly I’d suspect that MEN would ONLY care this much when they’re Trying to Impress that Woman / Girl.

We would do whatever we can,

BUT I must Admit that women in General

DO Look Better than Most Men can HOPE to get there…

They’d left the car,

Walking away I saw they did Look Younger than any Appropriate Woman I’d date.


It was a very interesting situation at Seeing the two doing this.

None of us want to look Horrible,

Sometimes we do not care that much,

It can become such an Issue AND so much Time wasted,

But inherently,

MOST of the times,

We do want to Put our best foot Forward…

I cannot say that,

Taking that time At Putting your Best Food forward,

Would Change your Life Dramatically,

But then,

NOT doing, Can Refuse you an Opportunity with SOMEONE,

Who could have been the Best Chance in life for you…

DO NOT dismiss taking that time,

But most of all, DO NOT

Dismiss that Person who Might not be as Savvy as you,

They could Just probably Change YOUR Life if you did Give Yourself the Chance…



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