O U C H!

I would have posted another




Or whatever it could or Might end-up being.

The ONLY reason I’m not placing the other here,

SOMETHING a little painful happened during the Morning

For me to do just that.

With the Passing week I’ve been as normally,

Run up and down quit Frantically,


Not sure when or where it took place,


Luckily for me, It appears that I just ever so Slightly,

Stretched one of my Muscles in my upper leg.

NOW then,

As I walk a lot during the day


During the Entire week,

THIS was pretty Painful and without me KNOWING

When exactly it happened,

I know that I have slow down just a little for the Muscle to catch up with me…

THUS, this Morning My sister asked if I could help,

C R A W L I N G into the Roof of her House,

HUNTING down the Geyser,

She asked me to Increase the “little” set screw,

Increasing the Heat of the Water with the Idea of Winder being here.

I brought the LONGER ladder from home and even with THIS one,

I had some trouble at getting into the Ceiling of the house…

Using ONLY the light from my Cellphone,

I VENTURED into this Darkness at locating the Geyser


Helping to Adjust the Heat on it as well.

I was doing what I could,

Getting in there and AVOIDING falling through the Ceiling at ALL Costs,


I was able to Adjust the Temperature…


Getting out of there, with the Ladder a little SHORT as well,

I did Manage it… As Safely as possible.

ALTHOUGH it was ONLY when I was done,

Did I feel there’s a muscle UNDERNEATH my Shoulder-blade,

Which wasn’t TOO happy with me!

Now then,

In ONE week I ended up stretching my Leg Muscle


Getting into the Attack/Ceiling of the House,

Managed to

REALLY Stretch the Muscle in my Back…

SO much so,

Before I took a REALLY Hot Bath,

Soothing the Muscle,

I saw in the Mirror,

Two Strips of Red line on my Skin.

The one at the top was shorter and then a Three times longer one at the bottom,

Seeing that for a certain fact that it wasn’t just Sore,

But there was the indication of me Ripping the specific muscle…

With BOTH of them happening as they did,

I suspect that I have a Possible Iron Deficiency,

Affecting my Muscles and ALSO,

If you get cramps,

That could also be an Indication that You do not Drink

Enough water…

Even if you Believe Yourself to be Fit enough at doing MOST Things

As You’d like to do,

Still be careful at what you do,

Especially when You’re not “Warmed-up” before You start doing that thing,

Injuring Yourself is Very easy and fast;

They do not say, MORE than 50% of Accidents takes place at HOME…

Go Figure!



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