This must Sound like the strangest of Ideas, Thoughts or Topics to write about.

Well now, not REALLY,

Seeing that if You’re not Confident about

Who You are,

What You do,

Where You’d like to go,

What You’re worth,

AND If You’re Dreams are worth the Effort;

THEN that kind of lack in Your make-up will eventually be a Cause for Concern!

There’s ONE Universal Law or Idea or Thought about this which I suspect very few KNOW but many Do Not get…

This is Actually just my Thought about it…

No matter WHAT you do, Plan, Arrange at any given time – It may NOT work out and / or even BLOW-UP in your Face!

As soon as We, You, Us understand this;

It Could get a little easier.

Saying that isn’t as Clear Cut as it might sound.

But then, I suspect this is the Regular saying –

Murphy’s Law = What can go wrong, Will go wrong…

ONLY; What can go Right, Will go Right as well…

You just need to Understand this,

NOT to be Fearful at TRYING that which You will do,

But understand it MIGHT not work out as YOU wanted it,

THUS, do not be Scared when You need to Change the Plans somewhat,

BUT be sure, If you can Move with the Flow,

Just possibly You could end-up on Top…

It’s is a Journey like everything else in our Lives,

But One worth do Fight all the way AND be Grateful when We Reach Our Set Destination…

As well,

I do not Believe that Confidence is Built easily,

Not only this, But when we Do something we’re NOT Sure of,

You MIGHT burn Your fingers along the way,

You Actually Learn how to do it Better or Correctly when You need be doing it again.

THUS, to some Extend,

We Fail to learn what to do then Next time.

It Might not happen that You’d actually Fail,

But in the Exercise we Learn Valuable lesson in Life all the same.

BE Very Careful that the Fear of Failure Does Not become a Paralyzing Effect in Your Life – STOPPING You from Living… as well as Trying…


That which We RUN from,
Those are in actual Fact the things which Teaches Us the Most.

Those are the things we Fail in the most,

SOMETIMES, those are the ones which makes Us Feel like Idiots,

Because we Neglect to Ask for Help in getting the Scary things Done…

Understandable, NOT every time you DO try it,

There will be Help for You,

But what You LEARN along the way,

NO Class,

NO Course,

NO Person,

NO Wisdom,

NO Knowledge – beforehand will help you All the Time…

That be Called Life’s Experience and

THIS, is the Hard part,

As much HELP we Could be Given at ANY Point along our Paths…

IF You DON’T listen to Any Good Advice from Others,

If You Neglect to Learn the Lessons of Life itself,

THEN you’d Struggle and Suffer for as LONG as it takes,

For You to Learn whichever OR whatever Lessons we ALL have to learn!

Like every other Aspect of life,

You can Read-up on EVERY possible way at Building Your Confidence,

Go to every Possible Seminar which can Help you become this Person You wish,

BUT eventually We All have to see the LIGHT,



Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Life more…

Plan more…


Plan again…

Possibly Fail…

Get up…

Plan another way…

AND no one KNOWS what would be next…

If You DON’T try… You get the idea?


2 thoughts on “Confidence…

  1. Wow. Nice to read what most of the people my age has learned by trial and error. Nice reminder. This coming from me on a boat off the coast of….
    Enjoyed the read.

  2. Hi there,
    Happy to see that You find something interesting,
    Enjoy the Trip on the Boat…

    That Trial and Error – the WORST of them all,
    When I can but ONLY stand-by some of the Times,
    See those around me, going through some of those
    I cannot help them…

    Thanks again,
    Have a Great Time!

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