Keeping That Passion…

800 (6)

The other day I Opened ONE of the (148) e-mails which had Accumulated;

After I had a FEW Very busy days,

THUS, I wasn’t in the least bit willing to Look, Read or Wasting My Time

With Some e-mails which I’d NOT want to look at…

There are quite a Few I do look for,

But then, when I did end-up looking at the Account

Struggling with THOSE many,

I found a Very Interesting Mail from Auto Trader…

This ISN’T the Post I wanted to Post today,

But then when Inspiration hit,

I TRY my Best at NOT asking Too many Questions and

Just go with the Flow…

When I Opened the Mail from Auto Trader,

I saw that Ferrari had Launched their Latest Newest Car,

The Ferrari F488 GTB,

Which comes in the Spider – meaning that it’s a Topless Roof, If you’d not known…


The Image I saw of this New Release Car was in Blue–

The Very Colour of the Image you see attached to this Post.

I still have a Massive Affection for the

Ferrari F355 F1 Berlinetta – which I must say I’d like in WHITE.


I wouldn’t MIND in the least bit at Driving with the NEWBY

On the block either.

BUT, I’m not in the Least bit worried about the




Massive Performance–

NOT that I can talk TOO much about it,

Never Actually having Driven in a Ferrari or ANY such Cars which

Have such massive Performance.

Hence, it comes down to

Keeping The Passion…

(Sasha Martinengo)

Back in the Day at 5FM (Radio Station) if you’re Unclear,

Gave US the Info on the Formula One races and Competition…

The ONLY issue,

With ALL those rules and such,

It became a Bore for me and I lost INTEREST in a BIG way,

So, Seeing Ferrari’s baby’s Picture,

I remembered THOSE days when I did LOVE Formula One…

I remembered the Man,

Sasha Martinengo – Keeping The Passion…

Still with Super Sport as I gather…

But then,

The IRONY of this is,

Either by Means of LIFE


Our Own Plans,


Horrible things Happening along the way,

HOW Many of Us,

Eventually Loose that Passion…

It’s NEVER to say You’ll reach there,


If You Leave it be,


Fighting for those Pleasures in Life;


Just what Kind of Passion will WE hand Down to those who


Need to share in them with Us?

Always Keep That Passion Burning For What You Love,

Loving Them Enough,

Sharing That Passion With Them As Well…


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