This WORD alone is something that I suspect that Everyone

Cringe about, IF that is, You know of someone who had been there,


If it’s Yourself who is on the Road to Recovery.

As I’ve read up on some Aspects of this,

I first want to mention this…

Addiction – Definition; There could be Far Better ones, but this is Mine.

It’s not only the Need OR the Drive for ANYONE getting a hold of the Item which You’re Driven to; BUT it’s the actual Negative way in which It affects You AND every other Person around you.

This is Especially true when we start Seeing the Changes in People we know and that they’re Behaving totally different to what we’ve Known them to do in the past.

The Addictive Substance Forces the Brain to release almost 10 TIMES more Endorphins throughout the Brain’s receptors.

MOST Addictive substances – Drugs for that matter,

Create this at Such a Level that the Brain cannot manage the HIGH this person feels.

A Natural High is something we can Live with and IF it comes around again,

We can Experience it and move on.

YES, Like Adrenaline Junkies – that can be a Drug as well,

But for Most people, the Release of a Natural High is just something like an Adventure.

As been Researched,

To some Extent, The Speed at which Endorphins are generated and Released in the Brain

Could be an Indication of someone’s Chance at getting Hooked on Something.


As we’ve all heard and KNOW,

When that Un-Natural High subsides,

We Crave for the very SAME feeling and the Very SAME release of the Endorphins in the Brain – making WHOEVER it is, Happy again…

The Brain Learns and Remembers not ONLY the Feeling,

But then it Learns Obviously just how to Get it again.

They call it the Pleasure Principle.

THUS, whoever it is, KNOWS how to get there and

Herein lies the Danger.

Over-Dose as the Same High cannot Easily be Obtained again.

Over a Period of use the Brain dials back the Release of Endorphins and THUS,

When the Set level of Use cannot Reach the Same levels of Happiness,

The USER needs to UP the intensity of the Preferred Drug used.

When the Brain again becomes Tolerant to the NEXT Level,

Most of the time, ANOTHER Stronger Drug is being used.

At this Point, WHOEVER it is, that person becomes Really Dangerously Hocked on Whichever substance they’re into.

They CHANCE after the Next High…

Which in MANY circumstances leads to an Over-Dose as they want to Force in getting there.

Adrenaline Junkies may make an Error in their Drive in getting there as well,

Causing and Accident or even their Death.

As the Brain Learns and Remembers,

Even After someone has Successfully returned to their Previous lives,

Even After they’re Clean for how long,

With their Active Brain,

The Person can see Anything that Can remind them of the HIGH

They’re use to and,

With this Feeling and Memory hitting them That Hard,

A Relapse is an ALMOST Definite.

There’s also the OTHER problem,

Many People who Were or ARE caught in Addictions,

With the Use or Whichever manner in doing it,

MOST addictive Stints causes the Brain to be Altered in some way.

Even without the Use of any External Drugs,

If there’s TOO much Chemicals dumped into the Brain,

It can Impede a Person’s normal Insight to a Dangerous situation.

THUS, those kind of People,

Clean as they may be,

Do not have that Filter present in keeping them from Harm’s way.

They’re ALWAYS the Most Vulnerable in their Everyday Lives…

As ANYTHING at all can Trigger their Memories

AND thus, they’d fall Right Back into the Pit they’d barely survived from!

Accepting we’re all Human and CAN make Mistakes,

BUT, admitting You’ve got a Problem


You cannot do it on Your Own…

That is REALLY Hard to do…

No wonder SO Many people have SUCH a Hard time in beating it…



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