It’s been QUIT a LONG-LONG time ago that I spoke to someone,

About issue, in regards to someone We BOTH knew.

As to EVERYONE out there,

Having either Family OR Friends who has got



Personal Issue,

Everyone of us KNOWS someone who Behaves either



Creating Problems for Others in the way they Conduct themselves.

I am NO Profiler,

But then I do tend to THINK far too much,

Seeing that I’m an INTROVERT when I’m working on my Books,


Even when I do write these Little Thoughts of mine…


While the Issue of Personal Traits,

Personality ties AND Actions of these people were Discussed;

There was NO Clear way for Understanding


Coming to a Solution, helping ANYONE who does as they do.

NO Said that Everyone NEEDS Help,

But there are THOSE who do Need our Help…

ESPECIALLY when they Affect You


Their Loved Ones around them!

The MOMENT when another Person’s Actions or their Behaviour

NEGATIVELY Affect those around them, then they Purposefully act like


Then You, I or Anybody Else has the Right to start asking Questions–

Especially when their Actions or Behaviour doesn’t make ANY kind of sense…

Before I continue with a little bit of Background of the Various Personality traits,

It would be ONLY Fair to add SOME of myself,

As You CANNOT point any Fingers at Others without Examining Who and What You are Yourself…

If that is, Anyone have Read a variety of my Thoughts,

I’d have NO Idea what most would think of my Thoughts, Ideas OR even Possibly Ranting…

STILL, here goes…

I am a Border-Line Person in Regards to Star-Signs–

YES, just hold on…

This Means that I’m right in the Middle between

Aquarius AND Pieces;

Which means that I’m LUCKILY, Driven in getting my Work done.

BOTH of them are as well Creative, Passionate and Also Daydream…

That’s also Part of being a Writer.

THIS was Also helped out with the Fact of the Divorce.

So, I spend Quit a LOT of time delving in my Own Mind and

Imaginative world…

WHEN I’m at Work I’ve got to be an Extrovert,

Running around and getting DONE what I need to do,

BUT, when I’ve got MY-Time, I have the Time Recharge my Batteries for the

NEXT day’s Craziness…

We just NEED to Unplug at Some point and I Suspect that Everyone

Needs getting to that.

THEN as well,

Not in a Relationship right now,

Seeing that I’m STILL getting that Publishing Contract Done…

BUT, I’ve not Met Her so far…

Which would be NICE at some point…

I am Eccentric, Weird and Strange;

Which I KNOW for myself – KNOWING that we’re All Strange to someone.

WHAT is the THING,

Not Negatively affecting those around You at being You…

Just a bit of myself.

There are ( 3 ) clusters of some Personality Disorders.

Within these there are Sub-categories which can be Looked at,

Understanding whoever Person we’d like to Know more about Their actions.

A – Odd or Eccentric Behaviour

B – Dramatic, Emotional OR Erratic Behaviour

C – Anxious Fearful Behaviour

Under Cluster A there are additional sub-categories:

  • Schizoid Personality Disorder:

Some are Introverted, Withdrawn, Solitary, Emotionally Cold and Distant.

  • Paranoid Personality Disorder:

They could be Untrusting, Unforgiving, prone to Angry or Aggressive outburst without Reason – fearing other People’s actions or intentions.

  • Schizotypal Personality Disorder:

These people could be Strange, Outlandish or Paranoid beliefs and Thoughts. Have difficulties with Relationships, Experiencing Extreme Anxiety in Social Situations.

Under Cluster B there are additional sub-categories:

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder:

They Characteristically Act out their Conflicts and Ignore Normal rules and Social Behaviour – they’re Impulsive, Irresponsible and Callous.

  • Borderline Personality Disorder:

They’re Unstable in Several areas; Interpersonal Relationship, Behaviour, Mood and Self-image. They have Extreme Mood changes, Stormy Interpersonal Relationships, an Unstable and Fluctuating Self-image – Unpredictable and Self-destructive traits.

  • Narcissistic Personality Disorder:

They have an Exaggerated sense of Self-Importance, Absorbed by Fantasies of Unlimited Success and Seeking Constant Attention.

Under Cluster C there are additional sub-categories:

  • Avoidant Personality Disorder:

They’re often Hypersensitive to Rejection and Unwilling becoming Involved unless they’re Sure of being Liked.

  • Dependent Personality Disorder:

They may have a Pattern of Dependent and Submissive Behaviour, Relying on Other’s making Decisions for them. Needing Excessive Reassurance and Advice, easily Hurt by Criticism or Disapproval.

  • Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder:

They’re Conscientious and have High Levels of Aspiration. Striving for Perfection. Never Satisfied with Achievements, taking on More and More Responsibilities.

These are ONLY but a Few,

That said––I am at NO means an Expert at ANY which way whatsoever in Examining, Understanding or Diagnosing People OR Issues related to them.

If you did SEE something that Might explain a little why SOMEONE You may know,

Have some kind of Destructive OR Negative behaviour towards You or Others around you,

Especially WHEN their Actions Affect those around You,

Then Seek the help of SOMEONE Trained in helping with such Issues or Problems,

Helping those in Need of this.


The First step for ANYONE

Is accepting we’re Fowl-able AND that there’s Something Wrong…

That’s also VERY Hard to do,

No matter HOW Small that Issue might look as well…

Try to stay strong.


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