How to Jump-Start a Car…


Lights, Cables, Start…

I got a Call this morning, from One of my sisters…

Interesting to say the least–

I was going to Add another thought here, BUT now;

This is the ONE that I’d be sharing with you.

It Might not be as LONG as normal, But then the ONE I’m going to Share next weeks is QUIT a bit Longer with the amount of Information included therein.

As I’m working with Cars as a 9 TO 5,

I know quiet a bit about it…

If EVER you need to Jump Start a Diesel Vehicle,

You need to know a few things;


Diesel Vehicles Need a Great Deal of Power – Energy from a STRONG Battery.

Either with a Starting Battery inside the Car/Bakkie/Pick-Up

The POWER You’ll need to Start a Diesel Engine,

That STILL needs a Great Deal of Power;

As the Diesel Starts with COMPRESSION and Not Spark.

THUS, the Compression in the Engine is Pressure Against the Starter as well.

USING some Jumper Cables here;

YOU need to make Sure that RED cable goes on RED of the Battery


Black Goes on Black.

Making sure Not to Short out the Battery OR the System of the Other Vehicle.

VERY Important to Note, if the Cable You’re using is of LESS than Strong Quality,

It will Become VERY Hot,

To the Point it could Easily burn Your Hands,

Seeing the Power Drain that is affected and LACK of power Transferred.

In the Direct Opposite is the Petrol Engine,

This Engine Needs Spark to Start,

Burning the Fuel and Air Combination in the Cylinder Chamber.

When You do

Jump-Start the Diesel Vehicle,

MOST of them – New Cars and Bakkies as well as Pick-Up’s – Trucks,

Have got Computers Included within the Auto-Electrical System for the Vehicle.


You need to Keep the Lights on while Jump-Starting the Diesel Vehicle.

IF you were Jumping from a Petrol Car,

WHICH have got Fuel-Injection,

Meaning a COMPUTER;

You’d best Keep the Head-Lights and the BRIGHTS on as well.

This Goes for ALL Petrol Cars which have Computers and Fuel Injection.

In doing so,

WITH the lights on,

IF there’s a Spark,

The LIGHTS would Draw the Spark AND

MOST likely Keep the Computer from Receiving a Surge…

There’s NO Guarantee that Anything Cannot Happen;

But this Lowers the Risk Considerably.

Always be Very Careful when Jump-Starting any Vehicle;

FOR the Computer linking All the Systems together is



Expensive to replace…


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