Scraping Along…

I went so see the Movie,

Minions on the Silver Screen – with one of my Free Tickets.

As with EVERYONE of us,

I know that Everyone is finding it Really hard at Keeping themselves

AND their Families above the Bread-Line.

While I saw there,

Speaking to a few people around there,

I saw to my UTTER surprise that the Shelves of the Cinema Complex

Were VISIBLY Empty of Goods they’d be Selling.

I know that for the Past few Weeks – MONTHS

Everyone had been seeing that Things had not gone Well,

BUT when I saw this,

Such a Massive Company not having Stock as You’d Suspect them to have,

It was a Shocking Surprise at just HOW Bad or ECONOMY

Is Suffering and Where It MIHGT lead to!

ALTHOUGH our Fuel price had Decreased in the Past,

EVERYONE Knows that the various Shopping Outlets had not Decreased

Their Product Prices so that the Customers

WHO in fact, Help the Companies Reaching SO High,

Weren’t AT ALL, Accommodated with this Decrease in the Price…

Just Leaves You to WONDER,

How many People and Companies out there have TAKEN

Over the Years so far,

While the Economy is Visibly Dying of this Cancer,


Although these Companies OR Single Individuals has TAKEN

So much, They do not CARE For the General Public…

THE ONLY issue beyond this is,

If you were to look at INTERNATIONAL Level,

Looking for the Sake Of Argument at


There’s also Problems and Issues with the Euro;

It DOES NOT matter who You are,

The MORE Greedy People become,

The BIGGER the Issue would Become in the End…

IF They Cannot See Beyond Their Nature,

There’s NO WAY they could Generate even More Funds,



Provincial – State




Economies to GROW, Helping to Sustain it AND

HELPING the Normal Man in the Street,

Getting By, Living OR Reaching a Little further,

Than where WE’RE right now…

Currently HERE,

Everyone is Affected,

Even if they Do Not Know It


Realize this is Happening…

I’ll FOREVER and MORE do my Best at Living


One single Sent of Debt –

It’s NOT to say that You cannot Manage it well enough,


Myself, if you CAN Save up for what You’d Need…

That Leaves You with MORE Monies to Move where You need it.

It’s STILL Hard,

Difficult and Without


Willing and Able to Help,

We can ONLY do the Best we can…



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