p E r S o N a L i T y…

personality building, tower cranes constructing 3d word


At least THIS One is on the Comic side…

He… He… He…

Some time ago I had to change the Microwave’s rotating motor so that the Glass Plate would turn around.

I had Thought that this was the end of it…

That wasn’t to be – HENCE the Personality OR rather the Characteristics of the

Microwave came to the Fore!

Just what the Hell does he mean by that,

It’s really simple to say the least,

I suspect that Everyone of us




Something which is working at One Point and then the VERY next moment,

Without Us getting it,

Plays the Fool with us…


The Very same Microwave I’d put a Post on there,

SOME time AGO,

Developed this Action,

When I’m about to Heat something UP,

The TIMER button I have to turn,

Doesn’t Particularly KICK the Microwave into action…

Really Funny the First MOMENT when I wanted to HEAT-up my food!

Luckily the Idea FLASHED in my Mind,

Switch it on BEFORE I’d close the Door.


WHEN it absolutely Refuse to Play with me,

I just Turn the Knob, Button, Timer

And as soon as I close the Door,

The Micky jumps into Life, Heating up the food…

THIS made me think of the Various other Technological ITEMS we might

Own which have their Own Kinks


Their Strange Personalities comes to the Fore before You expect it…

LIKE the Phone I have now,

SOME days I cannot Access the Contacts list,

Then I have to Restart he Phone;

JUST then, Wolaa…

The Phone once more Behaves itself and I can Access the List!

The SAME thing with ONE of the Car we’re using at Work for a Company Car.

I’ve gone a Few rounds with the car already.

I’ve Changed to a BIGGER battery.

STILL, One morning the Car Starts without ANY issue.

Then the VERY Next day I have to Jump-start the car.

NOT only THIS,

It is within the Very SAME Week as well.

Two days out of the SIX the Car just doesn’t Play ball!

There had been a WEEK I can remember,

It didn’t start one day out of the very same week…

The Following Monday,

I got to work and Expected there to be and Issue,

Just there and then, the Car Started without so much as a Hick-up…

NOW I ask you,

Just HOW is it Possible for this to be,

Not only this – I suspect Everyone has got SOME kind of Story to tell…


Then I’m FAR Weirder than I’d thought…

These Items OR Objects Obviously do not REALLY

Have Personalities,

But it’s Still Really Interesting to see Just what happens…

Whoever, EVER said that Life is Boring and Dull…

They DO NOT have Any Idea!


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