DIGGING em’ Holes…


I popped around to the ONE mechanic which we’re working with.

I had to go fetch some of the vehicles we’ve to there,

BUT while I got myself ready in doing all of this,

I knew that the ONE car I could easily get away from there,

The other would Prove to be a bit of an Issue – HOW Little Did I Know!

I did my Best at remembering to take along the Towing-Hock,

Which I did forget and THUS,

Had to drive back there,

Going to Fetch it, before we even Got to the Car again…

I saw that we had to Inflate the one Wheel before we’d get moving,

This wasn’t an ISSUE, as the Mechanic helped with that.

STILL I could feel the weight of the Car,

While we moved it with our Bakkie – Pick-Up,

Happy I didn’t use the Smaller car in towing it;

THAT would have taken Half the Day…

Still we got going and I took it REALLY easy,

Especially with the Assistant I had with me.

Also, I took the Back-Roads, avoiding as much traffic as possible.

This helped to a Great Extent.

THEN Again, one of those Other Holes again came into play…

The Very Same tyre – wheel we Had Inflated,

It Totally gave-way…

The Tyre when to Tatters,

Not ONLY on the Outside,

But as I would see, On the Inside as well.

It was A Total Failure of the Tyre structure.


We stopped and looked at what had Happened.

It didn’t happen when we TOOK it to the Mechanic the day,

ONLY on our way back…

Looking to Move the Various Spares of the Car itself,

In the back, I looked to see if there was a Jack,

OR a Wheel-spanner

AND later one, Looking at the Wheel further,

Seeing if I could Find the Lock-Nut as well…

There was a Spare and it was Inflated,

But there wasn’t any Jack for us to use.


My assistant mentioned for us to TOW the car to the Floor,

Which he Mentioned was Close enough…

VERY, VERY Bad Idea –

The Mag-Wheel-Rim will NEVER survive such an Assault,

WITHOUT the protection of the Wheel against the TAR-Road!

I sent Him to fetch us the Strong Jack,

Then set-out to find the Lock-Nut


Find the Wheel-spanner as well.



VERY Lucky I found BOTH!

By the time My Assistant arrived back,

The Nuts were just Loosened and I was about to Insert the Jack Underneath the car,

WHEN My Brilliant Assistant Switched OFF the Bakkie – Pick-Up;

THE one which I was Using to Charge the Battery which I’d Put into the Vehicle…

LOVELY when Others do not Think


Want to Listen when They’re Told something to keep In-Mind…

NOW I had to figure out how get the Bakkie – Pick-Up going as well.

Seeing it’s Diesel, thus May cause an Issue…

Starting with a Great Deal of Power and Energy.

Rarely, But Some of the Times You can Tow it…

I was well done AND

Packed up with the Wheel Change,

When the Other two guys arrived and we started to Struggled in getting the

Bakkie – Pick-UP started now.

Firstly we Used the LESS than Brilliant Jumper-Cables,

Which I subsequently found had a Break in them,

THUS, they weren’t any Use at all!

Option TWO,

We used the Second Car to Tow the Bakkie – Pick-Up with and get it started.

This didn’t work out as well,

SEEING my Second Assistant didn’t Concentrate on this either…

AFTER I had to drive the Tow-Car we got it Started at LONG-Last…

Only then did we get the Entire Show on the Road again…


The More of the Story is this,

When We LEAST expect it,

Things can Go REALLY Astray for us,

No matter what we do…

YOU may Act in Anger or the Believe that You’re Correct,

BUT lives’ little CURVE-Balls can be Really Troublesome!

P.S.:     Nothing MORE happened on the Way to Work, Except for Arriving there WELL past

closing Time…

Even if You’re HUMAN, do what You CAN, not Putting Unnecessary Negative Energy – Thoughts – Ideas OR Feelings towards Others; out there…

Not that it’s so easy…


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