Happiness… Life’s Passion… Desire…

These combined could almost sound like an Episode of that ONE book Series,

50 Shades of Grey…

Wouldn’t know, didn’t read the Books NOR did I watch the Movie so far…

But then,

Within ANYONE’S deepest Imagination;

These can Look, Seem, Sound OR Bring something Strange to the Fore.

I can BET that I’ve mentioned something about Each of them,


What I found the other day, MAKES me believe this Current




FEELING toward this post is Very Important!

While I was Once again, Watching a DVD on the bigger Screen of the

PC at home,

TWO Literary Ideas hit me.

The ONE would be an Independent Story OR Book.

The OTHER one I had, would Consist of Two books OR If I’m EVER that Lucky,

They’d become Film as well…

The OTHER idea I had the Sequel Idea at the Very same Moment as well.


I stopped the Movie and wrote down that which I Must in Remembering them,

The Day I get back to These Ideas.

This makes me Think back to the ONE Singer which was on

94.7 Highveld Stereo, Breakfast Express;

Stating that HE had a Brilliant Song one night,

Didn’t Get up and write down the Lyrics OR Whichever he would have done.

THUS, the next Morning he Realized that it was Lost…

This isn’t Idea or Thought,

Just mentioned how FAST it is that WE can Loose the Moment of Inspiration.

AND STILL, getting to my Current Point;

At the Time I was busy with these TWO ideas,

I would Always Write with Music,

ONLY, while I was busy with these I’d forgotten to PLAY the Radio

OR Anything from the Computer, playing it through the Radio…

While I was ALMOST done I realized that the

KEYBOARD was sounding a little Different now.

I have had the Keyboard for at least FIVE or More years.

It’s and Natural Microsoft Keyboard.

It’s Contoured to Fit better with Your hands while, IF you’re working longer and more Intense on the Computer.

I also Picked up AGAIN that the Top-Coating of the Keyboard had been worked Off –

Seeing just how Much I had been working on it…


AS Well, I saw that the ( E ) and the ( Backspace ) buttons had halfway lost their Coatings, stating what they’re used for.

THUS, you can Imagine just how much it takes to get all of this happening.

The Very moment when I’d finished writing the Ideas down,

I realized that I’d not REALLY worked that Hard on the Computer with the Last Book OR Story OR Idea to get it done OR finished.

THIS is the Point of the Post;

Understandable that We’re Busy and Life it going by at Speed,

THAT shouldn’t Allow for us to Stall in getting to Your Heart’s Desire.

So much so,

I felt my Fingers were Feeling Stiff,

From NOT doing what they were Trained to do over So Many Years.

I may be working at it,

Finding a Publishing Agent


Now I’m Also Looking to find SOMEONE or Company to Possibly take a Serious Look at My Finished Screenplay as well…

WITH my Normal WORK,

And then Everything Else that’s passing me by each Day and Week;

It’s SO easy to Loose that FOCUS and Drive which Many of us had been

Born – Blessed with,

Getting to that very Real Point where You ABSOLUTELY

Have to Work, Breathe, Live to reach your REAL Goal…

IT’S also a Really Fearful Thought,

It DOESN’T matter HOW long it May take in Reaching this,


Allowing Life, Work OR Anything else in the Meantime;

For YOU not to Concentrate or Work at Your Desire,

Almost Feeling like You’ve

Divorced this Passion, working toward Your Own HAPPINESS…

As HARD as it may be,

We can Get Everything Back,

LIKE when anyone Starts Training,

It MAY take some time and be a Struggle…

That “muscles” we Train becomes Stronger and

Used Regularly, Becomes SO Active that it will once more Become

AUTOMATIC… which we REALLY need for that to be…

All The Best To You,

In All Your Passion!



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