Your Weight In GOLD…


Anyone who had Seen the Movie – UP,

Would know that at Some point along their Journey to Cherry Falls,

Walking Mister Fredricksen’s House through the “Forest” or trees…

Russell tells Mister Fredricksen that he sat on a Curb, next to the Road;

Eating Ice-Cream, talking about much of Nothing… with his Dad;

That was, when his Father did have the time of day for him.

Those “Chats” didn’t really mean much,

AND Yet, those were the Times Russell enjoyed the most…

That TIME that You’re willing


Unwilling to share with another Person,

That’s the MOST Precious Commodity which we Cannot Save-Up.

Not only this, which Everyone knows,

We can BUT only look as it passes…

Yet, Either you Choose not to Spend that with Someone

Who really want to Share that with you,


We’ve got Something Better to do along the way…

I can still Remember Once when my Parents Divorced,

Waiting along the Street, sitting on the Curb –

It could have been a Birthday or Him just being in the Area…

As You can Imagine, he didn’t Pitch-Up.

Years later, People live apart and Parents and Children do not

See each other as much as the Other might want…

Life turns out funny FOR Us like that…

The POINT isn’t the Waiting,

BUT, if you’ve got the Time to Spend with Those,






Best Friend…

Take that Opportunity to do just that.

IF You Do not want to do that,

Have the GUTS to at least tell them So…

BUT then,

We’re Also SO Scared of burning that Bridge –

There’s no Telling if You’d need help from there again.

Yet, You’re UNWILLING to spend that time with that person.


This commodity is as Important in Spending Wisely,

As it is IN Spending it with those We need to…


When Their or Your time is UP,

We cannot Buy it back.

So, even if Your Heart tells you not too worry about this too much,

Remember that Others have the same RIGHT,

They can Choose to Spend any time with You,

Or not at all…

You can Pay for more of it,

With Your Weight In Gold…

Yet it could cost you Much less…

The Truth,


BUT again, depend on what We do;

In the Long run it might be a LOT more…


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