Self . . . less…


I’ve recently seen this Movie/Film,

I’m not going to Give-Away the story,

But then IF you can read the Title, that’s also the Title of the Film.

This left me to wonder, the Two main Characters were on

OPPOSITE sides of the story.

Almost like most of us would be in Life.

So here’s the Question;

IF we have enough of what We need to Life with,

At WHAT point do you start behaving Selflessly?

At what point does the Person Next to you,

That Struggling person at the Corner,

Become as Important to You/Me/Us,

That we do not go on with our LIVES, walking past them?

Do NOT get me wrong, I have given to some of the People next to the Road,

I have helped out Here and There,


It’ll be a LIE if I told you that I’ve gone OUT of my Way to find these people who are in Need of some help!

Not ONLY This, but I know as well as Everyone else Knows,

If you do help out, When and Where you can –

Whomever it is, will come to Your place of Work, just if they can get something;

Buying whatever it may be which They may require.

THIS is part of the HUMAN condition…

It’s Imprinted on our DNA; we help those we can.

Not saying that it’s Always easy for us to HELP where we see others need it.

ONLY if you Do Not CARE, would you drive past a Person in that need.

THAT is, when you do have the Means to Help out;

As I mentioned, IF you Cannot help – that’s a Totally Different situation.

We STILL feel that Our Hearts goes out to Those who are Enduring this Situation.

If you’re Not walking a Mile in Their Shoes,

There’s Absolutely NO way to know what Anyone is going through.

What is Also a Possibility, there are Many a Person who made Mistakes

In their Lives – leaving them in a Horrible way or a Terrible Situation.

Everyone of us can make those Mistakes,

BUT then, even if Someone Did make the Mistake –

There’s SO many who just like the Chance at Changing their lives,

It’s Just not Always possible for this to happen;

WITHOUT the Help of Someone who is Better off than most…

The IDEA of doing something Selflessly,

That doesn’t have to be Giving Money,

The way in which We treat Others,

Taking that Elusive HIGH Road, when You KNOW you’re not wrong,

But then You choose not to Take an Argument or Issue to the next level.

Being Lesser than what You really are…

The REAL Problem here is,

Very Few of US want to be Less than what You really Are,

SEEING the saying goes;

Good Guys/Girls/People finishes Last…

That MIGHT be the Correct saying in many Aspects of life,

But if that was ALWAYS right, then our General Believe of Society

Is SO Off that Very Few of US will ever get it back on track.

SMALL acts of Selflessness Means a Great deal to those who

DO NOT believe they are Worthy of this,

If those People, who receive something Small, believe they Rather need a LOT more,

Like the Giver, believing they should ONLY be Required to give Little;


Of them will be happy with what a Truthful Helpful, Selfless Person would want to give to them,

THUS, Everyone need to see what is Possible, But keep your Humanity to do as Best you can, Within the Moment that you can be Selfless and Help…


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