Reading or even Pronouncing this word is horrible if you were to Think of it.

What does it mean,

I’m quite sure that I had mentioned something about Wasting Time OR

Not getting on with what you should be doing.

Well then, this is just a part of that, I would say…

Here is the Funny part,

In the picture you’d see with this Post,

There’s a Sail or Net tied to the Security door at the Front door of the Apartment.

It’s not been SO warm so far,

But I can Promise you,

When SUMMER arrives and the Heat comes to visit,

Leaving some kind of Draft through the Apartment is REALLY cool!

That said,

I’d bought the One Meter wide piece of Sail – Net more than a Month ago.

YES… I know…

Some days You’re just TOO tired or Your mind is just elsewhere.

This is NORMAL in our lives, in this Busy life we’re living.

STILL, if I was to keep the Door open,

Anyone walking by, would Very Easily look into the Apartment


If they were Bothersome,

Easily they’d know I was there, if Called and I arrived at the door,

Anyone would Clearly see me…

When I did Finally got going with this,

It took me at least an HOUR in getting the Net up onto the Security frame.

IRONICALLY, I’d cut it a little small – Even After I’d added just a bit more,

Even measuring the Security Frame itself…

You can NEVER know when things could go wrong!

STILL, it’s up and when You’re not in the Mood to get something done;

Which You’d KNOW will be an Irritation,

IT being Needful to Complete – You’re Pretty happy when You’re actually done with the Task at hand.

This same can almost be Said for the Fifth Book in the Last Series I’m working on.

RUNNING as I do at work shouldn’t be SUCH an Issue,

Yet, Coming home I some days feel SO Flat, it’s not even Funny!


I Choose to get Cracking again…

As they say, SOME things are the Same as like Riding a Bicycle after some time;

THE Biggest Difference is this,

You NEED to WANT to get going with whatever it is,

You NEED to be WILLING to put in the Effort in getting that done,

AS WELL, like when You’ve started Training from Zero…

Almost Everything in our lives Need Some Kind Of Training!

If You’ve not been in the Routine,

If you Believe You can just Jump in and DO whatever You’ve left be for such a LONG time,

It will ONLY Inspire you NOT to get on that Horse and get whatever it is Done;

ESPECIALLY when You just JUMP in without Training Your Mind or

Systematically getting Back in the Routine, Completing it…

I’ve started with at Least a Paragraph.

LUCKILY for me,

I’d sat down and worked out the Story-Line,

SEEING that there was a Break beforehand as well.

THUS I knew that when I got to work again,

I would ONLY need to add what Isn’t there…

I had done a Good Deal of the Hard work before.

The SAME goes for Everything



Everyone Else is getting up to.

Do the Hardest Work First,

Some TIMES you Need to relax and

Let Life or Circumstance Dictate When and Where You’d be WORKING again.

Forcing what Isn’t there for the Time being,

That’ll ONLY waste more of your time.

Like the Song of Paula Abdul;

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back…

When We STEP Back and Look where we want to go,

YOU May see a Better Plan or even a Different Place to End-up at.

Just make sure,

When You get Working again,

You’re going in the Right Direction…

A Little Break could work Wonders,

But NOT going on with the Work,

That COULD easily leave a HOLE where Something

AWESOME must have a place of Its Own to Live and Thrive…

Just remember Your Awesomeness when You’re Ready to Visit it again…

All The Best To You!


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