Ebenezer Scrooge,


As of recent I had to fix a thing or two on my Car;

IRONICALLY, there are a few things I still need be looking at!

Starting with a Service of the vehicle

Then I heard that I had to replace the Two Fan-belts…

The ISSUE here is, I had to buy them from the Dealer alone!

THIS meant it would be A Very costly experience…

WHICH I found that it was.

STILL I waited to get the Money and went about in buying the Parts.

LUCKILY the Electric Window winding Machine I was able to get away with,

With a much lower price.

NOT Sure just How Long it would last,

With the Sound of the Mechanism Not sounding too Happy most of the time…


Coming back to the last Operation I undertook on the Car,

I was told there’s NO tensioner on the belts and THUS,

I should Probably take the Car to a Mechanic who KNOWS how to fit this…

Meaning, Not Only did I pay quit a bit for the Two belts,

Now I’ll have to PAY the Mechanics, Seeing the Manufactures

FORCES you to either Use THEIR mechanics OR others…

I looked at ALL my Options and waited, After I got the Parts,

Getting DOWN to it and worked on the Car myself.

If You’re NOT Sure, ask many People about that which You need Info on;

THERE could be People willing to help out – Without You knowing it!

I waited to Early in the Morning,

Got all the TOOLS out and looked at the Problem before me.

VERY Luckily for me,

I saw what I needed to Remove from the Car and got Busy.

IRONICALLY it was Much easier to get the Belts ON than OFF!

BUT here Comes the Kicker!

When I was busy stripping the One or More parts,

I had fixed the Water-Bottle for the Radiator just a few weeks before;


Being Cheap and Forgetting to buy Anti-Freeze for the Car,

I wanted to save the Liquid from the Water-bottle before I continued with the Rest of the work…

So, I moved the Bottle as best I could, draining as much of the Water as I could.

There was Some spilling but not that much…

In All of this, I’d Bent the Hardened water Pipe,

Which is Smaller than your Pinky,

WHICH then decided to Give-way and BROKE!

I heard the Sound of something, but had no idea just what I was…

ONLY when I removed the Bottle from the Car did I SEE that when I clipped OFF the pipe from the bottle, THERE was now Two pieces!

Rather than Buying the Lowly Costing Anti-Freeze from the Spares Shop;


I wanted to catch up the water with the Anti-Freeze inside it!

NOW I had to worry about the Small Little Pipe,

WHICH with all probability I’d not fix and HAD once more have to Go to the Agents and Buy it at Cost from the Dealer!

ONLY After I replaced the Belts,

Working out much Easier,

I got working on the Pipe!

It took me LONGER to Fix the Pipe,

Using the very same GLUE which I’d used on the Water-bottle,

BUT which I wasn’t entirely Sure that would work on the Pipe.

ALSO, seeing another car the Next week at work,

I saw that they’d used another Rubber Pipe as a Replacement for the one which Had broken on my Car…

There’s HOPE if needs be.

STILL, I worked at it, formulating my Plan and doing what I could,

Making sure that it did Work out,

TESTING it and looking to see that it DID seal after all!

The Good thing is,

I was Really Lucky in fixing it and I’m Constantly Checking on the Temperature of the Car, KEEPING an Eye on the Heat.

You can Never know if something MIGHT go wrong…

The MORAL of this Post,

If YOU can Fix something,

Do NOT break something Else if you’re Unwilling to Spend a bit,

Making sure, Whatever You’re Fixing will be Done Correctly!

For a Few Bucks more, I could ALWAYS have bought OTHER anti-freeze for the Car the Next day…

BUT NO, I was clever and COULD have bought the Pipe from the Agents at a Price.


I still do not know just how much they’d have asked for it…

Don’t be Stingy all the time,

It COULD cost You more in the Long-run!


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