Two minutes AND Definitely NOT done!


Like my LITTLE adventure, tasty I must say when I wrote about My Pizza experiment;

Here’s another one that just Hit me the Other day…

Some time ago, THIS would be more than a Month before,

My Oldest sister and Kids were at the Apartment.

There was a power outage and they Shared in the Geyser’s HOT water,

Each of us having a bath AND then I made the Two Kids each their own Bowl of Noodles.

NOW this is ME blowing my Own Horn,

I most of the Times find a way in Doing things a little bit Better


In a manner which work out Better for me… If I may say so…

Hence, I found a Specific Brand of Noodles which Tasted and

Worked out much better than Most!

There’s a bit You need to Consider before we Venture forward;

I’m saying in my Opinion,

Listening to the Original Creators MIGHT give you the Noodles in Two minutes–

BUT, there’s NO Way it will taste the way Mine would if you had a Little more time!

So here it is,

I bought Six packets and Prepared all of them in the Very Same way;

That said, to see if the Noodles in the CUP would turn out better – I did use their Instructions and found it WASN’T in the Least promising!

I cannot say HOW or WHEN I came to the Idea of doing it this way,

But it could be that the Noodles weren’t all that Well Done and so,

This is How I prepare each packet when I do prepare myself some… these days…


Do Not OVER fill the container in which the Noodles are placed in. It should be in Width and Length, as close to the Size of the Noodles when still Dry.

THE more Liquid in the container the MORE time it will take to Evaporate.


JUST barely fill the water JUST above the Noodles. The Contents of the Packet shouldn’t even Lift from the Bottom. THIS takes Practice… STILL training myself!


After the Spice is Added, when inserted into the Microwave, Place the timer on Five minutes.

YES, Five and NOT just Two.

With this First run, You’re allowing the Noodles to become drenched with water, somewhat Separated and the Beginning of the Process.


Take out the Container, WHICH should be OPEN at all times – No LID on top. Taking the container out, Remember it’s Really HOT. Taking a Fork, Gently almost Stab the Noodle – separating them from each strand. THIS allows even More saturation to take place with the NEXT Five minutes interval. YES, Ten by now. AND, remember not to Splash the liquid; that water is still Really Hot.


When taking out the Container You’d see the Noodles should have Saturated even more Liquid by now. They’d take on the Characteristic of Rice or even Pasta.

THIS time you can Gently stir the Noodles. This time it’ll become a real Mix and then ONE last cycle of Five Minutes. Fifteen by now.


You can take out the Container and see how Much WATER, Liquid is still there. This will Possibly need you to take Another Three to Five minutes – TOLD you I’m still Teaching myself, NOT to add Too Much water or Liquid.

Take the Noodles out and leave them to cool down a bit. You can stir them here as well.

Leave open the Microwave. There would be water droplets inside. You can take out the Glass tray and the Support frame with the little Wheels. Take a small square cloth and just place it inside, absorbing the water from the bottom.

If not, that water COULD potentially affect the Microwave AND it can cause it to Rust on the Inside.

After the Noodles had cooled down,

I can suspect they’d be Well done and they Might taste Different or even Better than just with the Two minutes.

THAT is, if Your Stomach will Allow you to do this…

The kids will drive you a Little Nuts, I might add…

My Sister’s kids LIKED the taste, So much so, I had to do it the same way for BOTH of them.

Even she told me the Noodles did taste better than what She’s tasted beforehand.

Interesting… BIG Grin…

Here are the (6) standing Reluctantly against each other…

  1. FANTASTIC: at R13.99 – $1.01; 70g – is the MOST expensive AND it comes in a Styrofoam cup. NOT only this, Preparation is, adding the Flavouring to the top and then Adding Boiling water. From there, just “Close” the lid and wait Up-to Three minutes!

This isn’t even Halfway working for ME, but if you’d like this process, all the better for you.

My rating is 1/10 AND then as well, it doesn’t Taste that Great – I took it out and placed the contents in the same small Container AND as mentioned above; Put the contents through the Cycle AND only then tasting it… Still, not Swaying my Thoughts!

  1. INDOMIC: at R4.49 – $0.35; 80g – is at a better price. Still it’s just barely above the lowest of the products out there and didn’t rate that much better than a measly 3/10.
  1. MEWO: at R4.49 – $0.35; 60g – is the smallest volume you can get AND with it’s price, it doesn’t deliver. It’s halfway in the chain of products. I cannot say that I’d buy it again, but at least it’s somewhat better than the two above. 5/10 doesn’t mean that much after all.
  1. MAGGIES: at R4.49 – $0.35; 73g – Almost Never get to the point of really tasting that Well, IF you did run the Microwave even More, you still do not find that the Saturation is possible. The Taste hereof isn’t that brilliant either and mostly always taste as if it’s UNDER prepared. I try my best at avoiding it, but looking at the rest, not THAT horrible after all… My rating is 7/10 because of the Volume and price.
  1. PICK `n PAY – Sweet Thai Chilly: at R3.79 – $0.28 or there about; 75g – isn’t a bad by. IF however I was in this Shop again, I would definitely buy this brand. It did taste well enough and the Burn wasn’t Anything you Should write home about to complain.

With the little bite it did manage to leave an Impression. It gets a deserved 7/10 with the volume of the Contents and price is much better than Expected.

  1. ROKA: at R3.79 – $0.28; 85g – this being the biggest Volume of Noodles I’ve seen on the market. Then as well, this was the First brand I’d learnt to Prepare in the same Process as mentioned above. I must admit that Even if you Miss the Water/Liquid level, this brand of Noodles can Saturate a great amount of the Water/Liquid AND then as well, taste More times than not much better at the end.

As you can Imagine, this product is My Favourite at 10/10 and You sure can have a Taste of this one… If you enjoy this taste.

Everyone of Us enjoy different things in life, this is just what I found within the SIX various brands of Noodles.

Hope You Enjoy which one You’d like to eat most.


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