Trails and Tribulations…


There are a few Ideas running around my Mind at the moment,

BUT – the one that’s a Little Painful to talk about,

Would be the ONE which had for the Last Week played

Crazy Havoc with me…

Think back, when last did You have SOME kind of Pain,

Waking You in the middle of the night?

THIS kind of Pain that I’m talking about,

Something which You cannot Just take a Pill for

OR use Medicine to get away.

I am NOT sure if this is the fact of My Love of Coffee or the Caffeine

Inside the Coffee I’m consuming SO much when I’m not at Work,

BUT there could be a Correlation between the two…

THAT said,

The PAIN I mentioned just above isn’t something as I told you,

As far as I know, You can Use Medication with,

What I’m talking about here is this…

When last was Your System so Uprooted,

Either by something You ate – OR, when Last did You endure

Food Poisoning.

THIS for me Isn’t Food Poisoning,

BUT for You this COULD very Easily be Food Poisoning…

This is the PAIN I wasn’t dealing with Just ONE Night,

Waking me Somewhere During the Night,

BUT this was Something that Started,

Waking me at that Time when Sleep was SO Needed,

BUT then it Continued for Absurdly LONG and

When I’d eventually Woke the Next morning,

I was so OUT of it…

Still carrying the Remembrance with me,

The Feeling that the Irritation OR the Pain would come back,

ESPECIALLY when I’m at work,

That I didn’t Really have a Hope for the Day!

I have HAD this Pain in my Intestines,

Which could ALSO be Stress Related and I get that,

BUT when they Do twist as Much as they do,

There’s VERY Little that I can do,

Getting the Intensity to Release and Leave Me Be…

There’s Absolutely Nothing You can Really do when You’re Woken in the Middle of the Night, with THIS pain you feel in your Body.

You need to Endure this and HOPE for all HOPE that it’ll come out fast enough,

Because, the Longer You have to Endure the Constant Intense Intestine Cramp OR Irritation Continuing, the LESS rest You can have AND the More Continuously it Will Continue.

It is like a Snowball Effect,

NOT only this effect,

But I’ve endured this Many-A-Times before…

The Reason its Stands out to me this time,

Being Woken-Up isn’t the Issue,

Feeling this Irritation in my Body isn’t the Issue either,

THIS time It was Running for ( 7 ) Days Continuously.

I walked at work and when I suspected it the Least,

I would feel the Irritation in my Intestines,

THIS time when the Pain gripped me,

I was awake faster than I’d thought Possible!

THIS time, The feeling of this Interval Grinding had NO End in sight…

This can be Directly Linked to Everything in Our Lives.

You may feel the Pain, Irritation and the Constant Situation NEVER willing to Let go,

Changing for Something Else,

But, if You DO Weather the Storm,

You could Come out on the Other Side Looking and Feeling

Much better than Having gone IN.

P.S.:     I might have such a Light Shining after Weathering my Own Storm.

I’ll keep all of You up to Speed to My Possible Coming Adventure…

Always Keep The Passion Through All Shades Of LIFE…


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