Hoops & MORE…


I seriously didn’t know what would be MORE interesting, to have a say about, this week.

That was UNTIL I’d opened up the Package and looked inside,

What I’d BOUGHT today.

I had wrote about My ideas or thoughts to Aspects of Client Services…


What does Happen when that proverbial SHOE is on Your foot?

That’s a Pretty different situation.

ALTHOUGH this, it’s a Horrible situation to be in at TIMES!

I bought a Vacuum cleaner. Each time Either I forget where I’d put the SLIP,

For the Guarantee OR with my Luck some days,

The Damn thing seizes just after the Warranty had run out…

Needless to say,

I’d bought one Yesterday.

THIS time I choose to go with a Brand name,

Believing that I was buying something Good and worth the Price.

THIS I have to tell you as well,

NO Matter if you do by a Brand Product,

The MOMENT that the Product is Run through the Production-Line;


Are at fault with the idea of Mass Production…

When you Do find a Defect, Remember there are Others as well who want the Product Faster and in Our hands as soon as possible.

THIS, THIS isn’t the best Policy to have the BEST Product available out there…

Just Some Times this Policy CANNOT Ever be Side-Stepped and we do Tend to have

Brilliant Products and Good Quality.

Now this Purchase of Mine wasn’t Anything like a Factory Fault,

I had not even switched it on,

BUT as in the Picture if you Look at it,

You’d see that there’s actually Dust inside the Box.

NOW THEN, if there’s Dust inside the Box, what could the Chances be that ANYTHING else could not go Astray…?

It MIGHT not even, I do know and Understand that.

BUT, what Exactly do the guys of Quality Control LOOK at when a box passes them by,

WHICH might have been Used in Vacuuming…

FAT Chance, but I’d rather NOT take that one.

I will however Exchange the Unit and HOPE that the Next one will be better.

NOT to say it would be;

So here Comes the Kicker!

When you DO have a Legitimate claim why they Need to help you,

Can you Remember the Last time you did hand something Back to them.

I GET that they need to see if there’s something Wrong


Knowing that there are THOSE out there,

Who would Lie and Cheat the System,

BUT there are More out there, Genuine Clients who are Honest…

AND even So,

At the end of the day,

This doesn’t Matter to the System, Seeing that ONLY after the Product had been Tested and it’s been at least Six Weeks or so,

Would “THEY” tell you what they’d found…

The WORST part of this,

They’d TRY and fix it,

Which I get as well;

ONLY, you’ll have to Return it at least Twice more,

The LAST time Kick up a Fuss for them to Really believe you Don’t care anymore.

The Idea is this,

Not Everyone wants the Products so Fast to the Hand.

Rather take the time In making it better


Learn the Wisdom at having Patience,

Valuing it more when You do eventually Receive it…

The Best advice,

When You do have to hand something Back-In,

Those people who are out there,

Trying to help you,

They’re just trying to help,

If you help them, being just Polite enough,

They MAY shock you,

When they’re actually Willing to Help you deal with this Issue…

Very Hard I know,

Seeing that I’ve not YET so far have Exchanged the Unit I had bought Yesterday,

While I finished this sentence…

Good Luck To Me As Well!


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