Holding Sway Over You…


For those who Do not know what this means,

It’s really simple.

That situation,

That person,

That event,

That part of life which hasn’t yet materialized so far…


In MOST instances what Holds the most Sway over US,

Would be the Monies which we need to Live our lives with.

The Monies we need to use to change our lives or Use to Reach our Dreams with.


While each of us live each moment – second of our lives,

You are the only one who chooses what you’d be doing with that Life You’ve been granted with.

BUT it’s a fact that there are Other aspects or parts of Life which do not share Your ideals that You should have the Right to do as you wish.

AND it’s herein that we have our Little Dilemma…

Now you’d ask yourself,

What kind of Sway would be Held over you.

Just think of that thing which is bearing down on You like a Stone weight.


It could have been Your choice at some point,

This could easily have been a Honourable choice at doing what You’re doing,

BUT, You do not have to LET this Choice Govern the rest of Your life.

Monies, Life itself or even People;

It’s NEVER to say that we will Not be facing issue,

But You can make plans at getting around Most of the Issues and or Problems which Might plague Your path.


The Fact is this,

If you would Still believe there’s Nothing in Your life which cannot be Improved,

Then You’d be ONE of the Very Lucky Few…

I do not believe Everyone is that Lucky,

Which comes down the This,

If you cannot even Accept and Admit, to what it could be,

Which is Draining the Energy or Dreams from Your life,

HOW would you even Begin to Change what You wish,

When you Cannot even accept there’s Something to be Changed.


Taking the First Step at getting Past this,

Would be to Accept that there’s Something WE Need to Change.

This CANNOT ever be Easy.

ALTHOUGH, it’s Entirely Possible to Chance Your life,

If you are Willing to Work at it,

Know what You need to Change,

So the “SWAY” or that Governing Force can be Shattered…

This could be that Person standing in your way for that Promotion,

That BONUS which You do not Plan well ahead of time for,

OR even when there’s Choices on our Path and you Do Not listen to the Friends and Family in making the Best Choices at the time…

YOU can as well be the Problem at times in Your Own life…


There’s Very few of us who do not have Something which Could feel as if it’s

Suffocating us,

Within this as well – Knowledge of this problem is the Power for us to Move Out from Under it and Change,

Start Living the Lives which We Hope could be possible


Once there’s Nothing that Damning to Stand Against You,

You take the Time in teaching Others how they’d Live better Lives,

Having Nothing over their Heads or Hearts…


The Most Difficult Step in such a Journey,

Would be that First Lonely Step,

Seeing that MOST of us would walk into a Direction of Uncertainty…


As LONG as You at least Try it!


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