Strange golden smoke taking away from coffee seeds

I can just Imagine Myself what it Smells like…

YES, a Very Big Grin!

And I cannot tell you WHY it is, why Most Creative People have an Addiction to this

Kryptonite – Caffeinite;

BUT I can tell you that MANY a person I’m Following on Twitter,

Who are either an Writer OR Aspiring Writer… MOST of them have at Some Point Mentioned that they CANNOT get Enough of this Stuff!


I can tell you as well, If I’m NOT forcing myself in the Mornings to Drink

HOT Chocolate before going to work,

I would ONCE more drink a cup of Coffee…

You may Ask why this Could Ever be an Issue – well when I was just a PUP,

I’d drink a Strong Cup of Ricoffy – a South African brand,

ONE which I still drink just if you’d Like to know…

The Problem here, as soon as I finished ONE cup, I couldn’t HELP myself and there Came number Two OR even Three.

THIS was Before I’d even started to Write a single Word –

I can Tell You at this Point in time, My Stories whichever they were WAY Back then,

They were Floating around in my Mind,

They were At that Point Dedicated to an Audience of ONE…


THUS, I thought I’d share a few pieces of interesting Information about this LOVELY drink which I’m PROUD to say that I’m a Cynosure…

Although I do not KNOW as many as there could be about it, I might add…

Ha… Hi… Ho… Hu… He…


No one Really knows when the First Permeation was Made or Created which lead to the Finding of this Coffee which we Know of in today’s Day in age.

It is believed this product made it Appearance at “675 AD” as well as the believe is that it was First Created in Ethiopia.

There were places where is was a Crime to consume Coffee and if Repeated, Offenders faced the Death Penalty.

Cairo, Egypt, as well as Turkey were but only a few places where the substance was banned at some point in time.


The general Revenue of this Product has easily reach the $100 Billion Dollar margin World-Wide in today’s day in age.

Something that I found as Interesting,

There are in fact only TWO major Coffees which are Harvested, there’s a Third which isn’t as Prominent, but I suspect that there’s ways the People in the KNOW use to Blend the Aroma’s in creating a Different Flavour and taste as well.

  1. Aarabica or Arabian,
  2. Rrobusta or Congo,
  3. and Liberian.

The idea of Blending tastes you’d better Understand when you visit a Coffee-House.

I must admit that I’ve not gone, BUT then I have mix some of the Coffees at Home and

SOME Times the Taste was Perfect,

When an Amateur like Me tired to Once again Create the Same Taste… Well You can Imagine Yourself just how FAR away from that I ended up…

Within the Coffees,

When they Roast the Seeds from the Trees, there are two Primary methods in which they’d Extract the Coffee bean itself.

In once instance they use Water, the ONLY issue there is that the Water itself becomes Contaminated with the secondary product of the Coffee.

This is also known as the Wet Method, the beans as softened in water, de-pulped mechanically, then they’re placed to fermented in large tanks, washed again, and finally dried in the open or in heated rotating cylinders.

There are serious plans made and Initiated to use this Waste product better.

The Dry method, is generally used for bean which had been Shaken loose from the Trees. This entails only drying the beans and removing the outer coverings. In either case the final product, called green coffee, is sorted by hand or machine to remove defective beans and extraneous material, and is then graded according to size, and sometimes colour, using electronic equipment.


Even with all of this, there’s YET another aspect to the Coffee which is as Interesting.

When the Beans are Roasted, it depends on the Temperature of the Heat and with the THREE process; the product gets cooled down fast.

Here’s the Three general stats on this:

  1. 193° C (380° F) for a light roast,
  2. up to 205° C (400° F) for a medium roast,
  3. And to about 218° C (425° F) for a dark roast.


What the Famers or the Clever People found as well,

The Elevation as well as the Temperature, Right on Sea-level OR even Higher also had an Influence on the Taste of the Coffee from the various Beans.

13° to 26° C (55° to 80° F), at an Altitudes of coffee plantations range from Sea Level to the Tropical Frost level, about 1,800 m (6,000 ft).


Then as well, under normal Circumstances, If and When you’ve just Finished Preparing a Fresh New batch of the Coffee beans,

Do Remember that they’d ONLY Last a while, almost a week until the specific Flavour will be lost from the Bean itself.

That’s why MOST of the times, when You do open a Bottle or even a Can which contains the Dried Coffee extract,

It has been sealed and vacuum packed, making Sure that the Beans or the Extract will last as long as possible.

As soon as it’s opened, the AIR would react and You’d smell that Aroma from the Coffee itself. Mostly the Coffee needs to be stored in a Dry place,

If it can be kept in the Fridge that Might change it’s taste – not entirely sure on that one,

But out of the SUN is a good idea…


Quite a few Interesting Facts,

I can imagine there would be More about More than what I’d know or even You,

STILL, walking Past a Coffee-Shop is ALMOST better than Drinking the Coffee,

ALMOST like Cigar Smoke – not Inhaling it, but just Smelling it is Different…


The Aroma of Certain Coffees’ I’ve found Smells better than they Actually taste to me.

STILL… I am Addicted!


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