Some time ago I was once AGAIN drank from the Coke-Cola bottle. While I’m drinking the Ice-Cold soda continuously, in the back of my Throat I feel an icy-burning sensation.

With this Phenomenon in mind, I started looking on the Internet to see what I could find AND if this kind of thing happens to more people.

What I did find was that Myself as well as a few other people have some kind of Reaction to the various Acids which some of the Beverages consist of.

It’s generally called an Acid Reflux.

This is at times when drinking the Soda, in Your throat Pepsin is released.

This I might admit to you, would be Information read-up from Yahoo answers.

Not TOO sure how Accurate this information is though…

That I do have the Burning Sensation in my Throat, when Continuously drinking the Soda, that’s a definite Fact!

I had thought it was ONLY Coke with its High Concentration of Sugar in the Mix.

But then I did try some of the Other’s which I drink regularly, which gave my exactly the same feeling.

Drinking it from a Glass or the Bottle,

There’s no difference.

Something You might not KNOW, the Various Acids which constitutes the Soda; whichever it might be–

If you read the Label on the OUTSIDE, You’d find the NEXT Ingredients;

Carbonated Water,



Phosphoric Acid,


And Caffeine.


Even within these Ingredients, I can tell You that I still ENJOY my Coke.

There’s VERY few or Little number of Products made which is REALLY Natural.

Just so you’d KNOW, this is ONLY Speculation on my Part;

Go Eat a Piece of Fruit and SEE how much you can Eat before your Tongue starts Reacting to the Naturally Occurring Acid in the Fruit itself.

Go Eat TWO different Fruits and SEE how Fast it is that Your tongue starts Reacting to the Various Elements inside the Fruit itself.

THINK of a Pineapple – Which I Love… then as well, What about a Lemon, NOT an Orange… Now then, do You REALLY think that either one of them do not have a Natural normal Occurring STING in them?


NOW here’s the IDEA,

We’ve learned so Much from Nature,

WHY in the World would You believe the Ingredients to Keep us Coming back for More didn’t come from Understanding the Basic Chemical Compound of Natural Occurring Food or Fruits…


I, as well LIKE Chocolate,

SO, as you would Suspect I looked at a Slab of Cadbury,

This is the Ingredients which I found on this one;


Full Cream Milk Powder,

Shortcake biscuits (18%),

(Wheat Flour (Gluten),


Vegetable fat (Palm Fruit),

Invert sugar syrup,

Raising agent (E500),



Corn Starch,

Cocoa mass,

Cocoa butter,

Vegetable fats (Palm Fruit Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Shea Nut Oil, Illipe Seed Oil),

Whey Powder (Milk),

Emulsifiers (Soya-E322, E476),

Flavouring Contains Cow’s Milk,

Wheat (Gluten)

And Soya…


I had read the List before I actually Typed it,

NOW I cannot believe how MUCH goes into the Ingredients for Anyone to make a Slab of Chocolate.


The IDEA isn’t to Diss anyone who makes the Various products we may Consume,

The Idea here is this,

It doesn’t Matter what Positive, Natural or GOOD products you use;

YES it will be Beneficial to You, ME and Everyone else who follows a good Diet,

Exercise and Such,

But do Remember this,

From High School Biology,

The “Air” which Consist of Oxygen,

Isn’t Oxygen we Breath in that we need Most.

If it was, 100% Pure Oxygen, AS well as TOO much water,

Both can Become poison for You!


You KNOW the Air You breath is Life-Giving Important,

But the fact of the Matter is this,

The Oxygen which the Body Extract through the Lungs,

Is merely Used by the Body to Create H²O – Yes making and MAINTAINING the Volume of Water in the Human Body…

What You may not KNOW is that,

Almost Every FOUR years most of the Cells in the Body are Completely Replaced.

With the Exception of Red Blood Cells and Nerve Cells.


But in this Case,

The Life-Necessary Oxygen we need to Survive,

That Oxygen in our Bodies also makes Us Age.


So, It’s Pretty Interesting JUST how Mother Earth or Nature is working with us.

We have SOME kind of Symbiotic Relationship with the World at large,

BUT to some Extent, we also GIVE so much more of Ourselves in the Duration…



Do not Always Critics how SOME products are Conceived or put together,


You’ve ALWAYS got a Choice what You put into Your Body…


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