M o S q U i T o…


Belonging to the Species called – Culicidae


Unless you’re studying these Insects, I doubt that there’s any person the World-Over who would enjoy having them around.

As you’d WELL imagine yourself, I’m not In The LEAST a fan of Mosquito’s.

To say the least, POSSIBLY; if a Mosquito had BIT Bram Stoker – that might even have Lead to the possible creation of Dracula.

Although it was John Polidori in 1819 who brought the Vampire Idea to life for the First time – POSSIBLY at the hands of Multiple Mosquito’s which had ATTACKED him…

Absolutely NO Idea here… just Joking a little about this one.


The fact is this,

Mosquito’s had been around for not less than 30 Million Years. In THAT time-duration they’d Naturally Evolve in the Hunters they’re at this point in time.

I suspect Everyone Knows this, ONLY the Females in the Species Bite their Pray.

The MALE in the Species die within a Few Days after Mating. They’re MUCH bigger than the Female. Not Easily seen as they do not come out that often AND with their Shorter Life-Cycle, You’d not Easily see them.

I have seen the Male Mosquito AND can tell you, IF we have Issues with Mosquito’s in general; IF the Male was to bite as well,

We’d REALLY have Major Issues if the Male was to bite us as well!!!


After the Mosquito had hatched, SEEING there are THREE Major groups and roundabout 2700 different Species over the WORLD,

They FIRST look to Mate and Only AFTER that do they Look for FOOD – Blood.

You see the Female NEEDS the Protein in the Blood to lay Eggs.

THESE can survive like the Life-cycle of the Female for Months if the Natural Conditions are good for them.


When they’re HUNTING us or Birds or Other Animals they use a Variety of HONED tracking systems to Find and Use in getting to their Pray.

Firstly; they can track anyone up to a 100 Feet or 36 Meters away but using their Chemical Sensors – detecting Carbon Dioxide (OUR Breath) and Lactic Acid.

Secondly; even Within our Sweat does the Mosquito sense your Chemical release, thus using this to track you as well.

Thirdly; LUCKILY for us, they do NOT have good Visual Sensors, BUT can see you Moving if you were to Wear clothing which is in Contrast with your Background.

Fourth; they can as well use another Sensor to Pick-Up Heat from our Bodies – this has now Officially become part of those MOVIES where Infra-Red becomes a Weapon for the Hunter to track us with…

THUS, the Mosquito have quit a few pieces of Highly-Trained-Accurate systems and Sensors in tracking their Meal…


The FEMALE uses the Blood each time they Feed to use in Laying Eggs.

That is mostly the ONLY reason they bite us and then repeat their Cycle.

There’s ONLY a few things we can do in keeping OURSELVES from becoming Targets. WHICH if you’d read above, doesn’t Really matter to THEM in the least.

When You’re outside, make sure if Weather Permit; Wear clothing that Cover’s Your entire body. Not Allowing them to get to your SKIN.

P.S.: I have NO Idea why we Hear that IRRITATING sound while they Roaming to ATTACK us. There was Nothing on this within the 5 Webpages I’d read about them…

Then as well, There are Replants which You can use.

There are Bug-zappers and MOST of the times they work, when you hear the BUGS being Zapped.

Some Chemicals Interfere with their Sensors and so, They’d MISS you, but be Careful at HOW you apply these.

Directly onto the SKIN isn’t Always the best, but Rather on the Clothes.


All Mosquitoes Lay their Eggs in water. This is also a GOOD conduit for them to Extend their Life’s cycle and SO;

Make sure that as much Standing water is Removed from around Your House.

One, if memory Serve, use Running water; such as a Stream… But at your house you might have to look at Every possible Avenue where water Might accumulate.

If you’ve got a Pond of ANY kind, make sure to put some Fish inside the pond so that they’d eat the Eggs and keep you from a Mosquito invasion.

You can also put some Oil in the water. NOT TOO Much, seeing that the Oil would cover the water and would Starve the Eggs from Oxygen.

THIS would also Kill the Fish, so be sure what You’d do in helping you.

Some species of Geckos and or other Reptiles also eat Mosquitoes and would help with other Insects as well.


The Female uses her “needle” for all intents and purposes to bite you with.

It’s obviously Long but it’s also Thin and thus, You may not Easily feel the prick when it Enters your skin.

Within the Bite from the Female there’s a Transference of Sylvia.

This is the reason why our Surrounding Tissue reacts.

The Sylvia causes an Allergic Reaction AS Well As, making sure the Blood doesn’t Clout and allow the Mosquito continuous Access to the Blood.

When the Bite is done, the blood is stored in the Abdomen of the Mosquito which You’d see if you did see one which was filled.

OUR Immune Cells react to the Spot, which react Most of the time, Causing the Swelling and is called the Wheel.

While this is going on we Feel the Itching.

It’s REALLY Hard not to scratch that Area, BUT it would be best if you could Refrain from doing that – while this is going on, YOUR body’s Immune cells are fighting the Sylvia and When done, the Itching stops.

Use some Soap water and clean the area, which is mostly ONLY for use after You’d been bitten.

SOME of the sprays will help before hand, AS mentioned, READ the Information On the Bottle or the Can before Use!


There are a few Diseases which the Mosquito can Carry with it,

There are Preventative Measures we can use against the Viruses which the Mosquitoes carry, SO do make sure where You are going and what kind of Inoculation You’d Need.

The Diseases which the Various Mosquitoes can carry would be;


Yellow Fever,


AND Dengue Fever.


There are People prone to be Bit by the Mosquitoes, which LUCKILY I’m ONE of those. They would seek You out and THUS,

If you’d like a Good Nights’ Sleep, make sure you KNOW all you need to Know about this Insect and Be sure you KNOW the best of manners in Which to Prolivirate them.


All the Best to You!


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