A Christmas Merry…

Christmas Card Vector

Over the past few weeks and days coming to the END of the Year,

I’ve wondered what I’d Post this week.

There’ve been a few Ideas and I’ve passed on ALL of them.

The fact of the matter is this,

Everyone of US had been Running, Working and Struggling to Reach where we

ALL like to reach.

There had been Hard, Difficult and Painful time;

MOST of which I cannot Even Discern.


There would be SO MANY People out there having their Own Ideas

On this Season of Giving and the Possible Happiness between those who want to be

Grateful for their Blessings.

They could be Right and or Wrong,

But I can tell you,

As long as You are willing to



Share Your time with Your Loved ones,

Even if You do not Celebrate Christmas or Not,

Sharking this time with Your Family and Friends,

Feeling and Sharing Goodwill Toward Everyone Around You,

Then that this the Idea of having a Better World at the End of this Day…


There’s so much for Everyone to do,

There’s so much Everyone SHOULD get to do,

But as long as we Cannot See the Possibilities,

We waste a Great Deal of Our Lives,

Not even seeing this for Ourselves.


Spend this Time Together where You can,

Share the Lives You have Lived and

Support Everyone around You in Living Their Dreams with them,

For we do not Know when Our Time would come…


Be Blessed in whichever Manner or Way

You Live in or

Believe to be Correct to you.


One other Thought,

We can ALWAYS be Right and be Alone in this,


We can Make things work,

In being Happy with Each Other,

Being there to Share in the Spoils of






Truly Hope You can See the Positives where they Exist.


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