A Year A-New…


Obviously this isn’t a Mystery, it is a fact that Everyone around the World knows very well.

During this Festive Season, with Christmas and the Holidays,

We have the Dropping of the Ball at Time Square…

Not that it’s the ONLY reference to the New Year which Makes the Most sense;

It’s ONLY the Idea that what is Past will Mostly stay there.


The Idea here is to Acknowledge that ANOTHER Year had passed.

The Idea and Reality is, there’s Things Everyone of Us wanted to get to,

Yet, if You and or I did Not get those done


Had that Time in getting to those,

BE Happy to KNOW,

We are here – 2016

There is a WHOLE New Year in which to Reach

Wherever or to

Whatever You want,

Taking that Chance at doing SOMETHING

Extra-ordinary for Yourself.


The ONLY Person in Our Lives who is Our Worse Enemy is


It’s Understandable that some Things are a LITTLE Scary.

Taking that Chance, Whichever Whatever it May be;

That is a Really Scary Undertaking…


Do You know what IS worse,

NOT taking that Chance!


Make the PLAN,

Find the Support which IS there,

All You need be doing is ASK…

Everyone CAN change and do what they Want / Need,

THUS, take that Opportunity in Reaching Your Dreams.

Taking that First Scary Step is the Biggest Obstacle…


I LIKE the saying;

Rome wasn’t built in a Day,

(But this people Usually do not Add)

But You can Bet Your ASS they were Working on it Every day…


Work on it Every day,

Everything takes Time and Hard work…

If NOT, would We have Cared for it

OR Respected the Result when we did Reach our Goals?


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