Muscle Memory – (Retention Memory)


I searched on the NET as well as Microsoft Encarta for this Specific topic.

One thing that I did see was the Explanation for Body Building.

Why it is when a person Training stop for a while and then Continue at SOME point later on – then sees that their body and muscle Respond faster and better.

As Scientific Research shows, the Cell develop more Nuclei in the Cells and add protein to sustain the Cells and thus, the Muscle is developed bigger.

When the Athlete stop training, the Nuclei stay in the Cell and Later on when Training resumes, the Proteins produced just Reinvigorate the Cell and the Nuclei again – leaving the Athlete to SEE results faster and better…


As you May suspect this isn’t what I’d like to discuss.

This is interesting though, seeing I had trained hard at some point, which could see me Looking better, faster when I do have the time to get there again…


HERE is my thought,

Most of us Drive cars. We have learned to Walk and do SO many other things along the way as well.

This Repetitive action is also called Muscle Memory.

Like Boxers and people involved in Martial Arts –

That Repetitive Action is what make this Athlete that good as well,

They react to the Action before them OR what they’re in,

Thus they move much faster and React Almost on Instinct.

But this is the Same for ALL of us, as I mentioned that We Learn a great deal of things while we REPEAT them.

And so in this case, when we Physically repeat something over Time we get it down so much that it becomes a Motor-neuron action.

We do this without having to THINK of doing it.

One of the MOST common ideas here would be,

As I mentioned while You may be driving a Car.

It can be Automatic or Manual (Stick) and how we go through the Motions of doing just this; without even Really concentrating on it…


Getting to the POINT of automatically doing whatever it is that You’ve been training over time is the REAL memory action we’re looking for.


The SAME with me, I’m using a Natural Keyboard.

When I started with the Type Writer, I used two fingers and had to Steadily Learn the Keyboard.

When I moved over to the PC and Laptop as well as Now with the Natural Keyboard,

I was forcing myself in Learning where the Keys are and that I had Specific Fingers to use in Typing the Specific Keys with them.

JUST so you’d know, when I loose my Concentration and the Flow isn’t Natural,

I do tend to make mistakes.

SO, that Memory is as well connected to you Relaxing and being Willing to allow your Natural Instincts to govern what You KNOW and what You THINK should be…

Trust Your Instincts a bit more, ESPECIALLY when You’ve been going at it for some

time already.


Now here’s ANOTHER nifty Idea for you.

My thought on this, Memory and Repetition (Routine)

I suspect could easily be the same thing.

Why would I say this,

Very easily, how often do you WAKE every day at the same time.

I do, not that It’s REALLY such a shock…

The Shock is this almost,

I mostly would wake Before the Alarm can sound and would Silence the Alarm before it could really wake me.

There are THOSE days when You’d REALLY like to sleep and do NOT wake before the Alarm.

But those aren’t Everyday either.

ONE other thing I’ve come to Realize,

Like Last Night, when I got into bed,

I told myself NOT to wake earlier – but wake ONLY when the Alarm would sound.

I told this to Myself repetitively and to the point.

(It doesn’t Always work, but I still tried it)

SO, I got in a Night’s sleep to the moment when the Alarm did wake me…

This had WORKED a few times in the Past,

THUS, when we talk about Routine, Muscle Memory and Repetitive actions;

There are a few things which work in Conjunction with each other.


The ONLY question I have,

How much influence does the Subconscious have on our Memory and

When you need to Change OR Alter a specific outcome,

How much can we steer ourselves in that direction?


It’s NOT the easiest of things to do,

Getting into Training, but then,

Doing a Great Many things out of your Norm isn’t easy either,

BUT, Firmly telling yourself to get that done OR

Being WILLING to try, that could make the Difference from Wanting to do it

AND learning whatever it may or may not be,

Into having this as a Memory Action in time…


Training yourself to better yourself,

In whichever, whatever Positive Direction or Action!


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