ME and a Few MINIONS…


Saturday I helped out my Oldest sister with her Oldest child, her Daughter.

There are Three Children in the Family who are Older as well and had Finished High School already.

Yet, I had to help Move some Furniture (goodies) from on City to another,

Getting the girl Sorted out so she could Start her Studies on Monday.

With all of us being SO busy, helping to get Everything done as BEST possible wasn’t the Easiest of Accomplishments I must say!


Firstly, the Trailer we hired, I had to pick that up on Friday,

I wasn’t in the least bit Willing to fetch it on Saturday Morning…

Good that I did it this way as well!

I made arrangements at work, Having the Saturday OFF

AND left work just After four on Friday – picking up the Trailer.

As soon as I stopped at the House, having Picked it up,

I had to look at Some of the Wiring between the BMW and the Trailer itself.


The Brake Lights were working well,

But I had an Issue with the Indicators not working Continuously while they HAD to.

This irritated me to some Extent and NOT being so Brilliant with

AUTO Electrical, I had to see what was going on there.

Even on Saturday Morning I kept on looking here and got it as best as I could,

Before we loaded.

IRONICALLY, I had NO idea how much we’d load,

BUT it turned out that we Could have use a 3 Meter trailer

RATHER than the 5 Meter one that we Hired!


Most of the Items were easy enough,

But then we Also moved the Double Door Fridge.

THIS one let me Sweating like there had been a Tap opened up on the Top of my Head!

Working to Move this massive Fridge,

I had to work even Harder than the Three Boys who helped out moving there.

It was much harder to move than what THEY suspected it might be – still we got Everything on the Trailer and tied them down…

Might I add with the piece of Nylon Rope which had seen Better days!


BEFORE we loaded the Next stuff,

We had to Drive to THREE places looking for More NYLON Rope so we’d Tie everything down Better and Safer.

WITH the Long trailer behind me and the Goods packed already,

It’s not so Easy to maneuver in Small spaces!


Loaded, Tied Down and Ready – the ONLY other thing we needed was to get Some

DIESEL into the SUV.

At the Big Shop I found the Nylon Rope, there was a Fuel Station, but at the time it’s was Full and I suspected loading and filling on the Road was a better Idea.

Even at the (Blockhouse One Stop) it was quit a Feat getting the Vehicle and Trailer out of the Fueling point.

Not only was the Machine to one side, BUT next to me was a Vehicle parked by the time I

had to get out of there.

The Maneuverability wasn’t easy at all, YET I Luckily managed to get it out!

I had to Manually Disengage the Hand-brake on the Trailer – as well as getting us up to Speed from round about 80 to 100 Kilometers per hour…

THIS with some Weight behind us and Drive as safely as possible as well!


Concentrating on the Road and Driving as Carefully as possible,

That takes a GREAT Deal from you.

People Driving for a Living do NOT have the Best Jobs as the best of time…

Just a thought.


Directions came as a Possible Issue, but I had a good Idea what She meant;

That doesn’t Really help – if you drive Wrong and have to make some kind of

U-Turn in getting back from where you came…

It wasn’t Necessary so I was very Happy with this one!

We got the Key from the Main Campus Office and were ready to Head to the Apartment where Little Miss Sunshine was to Live for the Next few Months.


We signed in and found that the Entrance Road was barely Wide enough for us to get in there.

Still, I was able to turn around WITHOUT having to back the Trailer up…

Which wouldn’t be such an Issue, BUT it is a bit MORE time Consuming!

We had to get to the Second Floor and saw the Apartment.

The Room Mate’s family was there while they Unpacked as well.

THEN we stared with OUR small Final round of Moving…


With the Elevator things would go Fast enough…

That was UNTIL it Choose to stop working and we were Stuck having to Move

EVERYTHING up the Stairs… TWO Floors Up!

VERY, Very Lucky for us, the Stair Cases were Wide.

NOT only this, there weren’t SO much we had to move and

Like bees, we got bust Unpacking and Loading Off, getting Everything UP to the Apartment!


I once more Moved the SUV and Trailer closer to the Doors which we use,

Getting the Fridge Off the Trailer was one thing,

BUT – there was Absolutely NO way we’d Get the Massive Weight Up the Stairs!


Only After my Oldest Sister arrived there from Work, were we able to Borrow not ONLY the moving trolley – But luckily the Man-power from three Additional men to help us out in getting the Fridge up the Stairs.

Using the Trolley’s wheels,

We lived it as well as the Fridge up ONE Step at a time,

Literarily, Rolling the Unit up One Step each!

We Placed the Fridge in the Apartment, then I had to Balance it out and eventually the Desk she’d be working at while working on her Studies.


All and All when we were done,

The SUV ran home a little bit Better, being Off-loaded and not Feeling that Much wind-resistance.

STILL, the Drive home was somewhat Plagued with Rain…

Driving UP and Down as I mentioned do take it out of you.

I dropped the Trailer at my Sister’s Home

AND then dropped the Two Minions in the Picture with my Younger Brother…

THEN only did I return Home.


The LAST in the List of things to do,

This Morning I have to drop the trailer, THAT so we’d not be Billed for another Day’s of use;

WHICH we’d not Move a single THING to say the least!


Through all of this,

Moving a Short Distance OR far,

It does take it out of you…

BUT, when You do not have a Choice in the Matter,

Then we do what we Have to do, helping as far as we can…


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