Reflexology – Feet (Hands)


I’ve been Running up and down between two Stands at work, having to divide my Time as effectively between the two as I possibly can.

That said; I’ve for almost three Years worked with Safety Boots.

This helped in the past very well, seeing they were Strong, Water Resistant and I could walk anywhere or anyway with them I needed to.


The distance between the two Floors would be more or less 350-400 meters.

Not only this, getting there fast and going up and down a few times a day,

That turns out to be a much bigger calculable distance…

That over a Week, over a Month would be even MORE!


Since I thought of this,

I’ve also looked at the Therapy of Reflexology –

Which I researched on the Net and found many a Professional Practician and

Medical institution had not found it to be a Real benefit to our Bodies.


This isn’t an Issue for me.

Anyone who had work or been on their Feet for any excessive time would know for a Fact, when You’re tired or Swore – it doesn’t take a Genius to know it’s Painful at times and REALLY Irritating!


Now then, Coming back to the Safety Boots;

I ran to one of the floors more than once over a Period of time.

HENCE I can tell you,

Shoes, Sneakers or Cross-Trainers; MADE for running should be Used for Regular Running and NOT Safety Boots –

UNLESS there’s an Emergency; then Run Your Ass Off!


With the Constant Exertion on my Feet,

I once more Choose to buy a Set of Inners to place inside the Boots.

They were somewhat Comfortable,

Yet I still had the Discomfort from walking with the Hard Boots.


I didn’t really want to use the Almost Hiking Boots I own,

But the Situation required me to make Radical Changes,

For me to Work as I had for the Past Three Years.


I placed the Inners in the Softer High Ankle Boots,

Which made the Impact on my Feet far More Bearable.

STILL I had to Make the Conscious Effort NOT to run even in These Boots-like Shoes and give My Feet enough time to Relax… and recuperate.


I Do Not easily ware any shoes at Home, allowing my Feet to relax;

Unless it’s Cold and I need to keep warm.

BUT, even with this – I’ve felt that taking Care of my Feet over the past few Weeks have helped me working as Normal.


I’ve studied in Swedish Massage Therapy,

That said, It’s NOT easy to Massage Your OWN Feet!


The Idea isn’t the Massage or even the Reflexology, as a Therapy;

The IDEA here is this,

It doesn’t Matter what kind of work you do,

What parts of your Body you use,

As long as you take Care of Yourself,

BEYOND Medical Air or even Hospitalization,

WE need to be Cautious how we do what we do!


There’s in My point of View – Subliminal Stress which inhabit each moment of our Work Lives.

Even if it’s Running around as I do,

OR Someone who work with their Brain more Often,

STILL within a Stressful Environment,

Everyone picks up Stress in Today’s Day in Age.


Stimulating the Body in Releasing that Stress,

May it be through Message,

Going to the Gym,

OR If you use a Reflexologist

OR which Other method You use,

EVERYONE needs to get the Relieve from that Stress!


There are Always External Factors we cannot Change

OR Do a thing about,

BUT when you Need to Relax

OR Allow that Loved One to know You’re Really Stressed;

WITHOUT Giving IT to them when They’re Concerned,

THAT Might even help You to relax far Better and More

THAN what You could have Imagined!


I have come to Understand what with my Feet,

Having Overworked them,

It will take time for them to Heal if I can say that,

While I’m still Working and

Still busy as I am,

The OLDER we get the MORE we have to take Care of Ourselves as well!


Relaxing and Sleeping and possibly Detoxing and

Switching OFF from work,

Is as Important as it is for us to


Spending Time with Loved Ones…


With TIME passing so Fast

AND Us; running as we do,

WE should be as much a Priority to US

As our Family and Friends, Loved Ones and Children are to US!


If you don’t take Care of Yourself,

The MOMENT when Your Children OR Spouse

Have to Start doing that,

You’ve Already Failed at Taking Care of them
AND Yourself,

So you can Do Your Job at

Taking Care of them…


YOUR Health is More Important to You

Than what You can Think Possible!


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