BattleField – Creativity…


I was thinking about my NEXT Mission,

Which after all would NOT be so Easy, as I’ve NOT started with it Yet…


I am NOT aware of How much Everyone who reads these Thoughts and Posts of Mine know about the Creative side of all This?


To make it Easy I thought of Letting Everyone in on a Few Additional Aspects of what I myself Encounter, Maybe others as well – Not entirely sure on that one.


I am after all Referring to Re-Writing my First Screenplay and not only that,

But having to Add additional information on it AS WELL, having read this Book a few Years ago – I was told to read ONLY the First Three Chapters.


SO, Being Myself, I read Through the Entire thing AND

I suspect that it was the Idea of the Lady who is helping me,

Doing just that… WHICH I might Add, the Second Time around, It does HELP so much more than I thought!


The Book is Called;

Save The Cat


Blake Snyder


This is what they Call a Log-line – something we’re ALL too Familiar with,

Even though You might not really think so,

But here in My Revised one for this specific Screenplay…



A young man changes his job and so his life; then he faces incredible odds, putting his life on the line for the chance to survive and find love.


NOW, here’s the Kicker –

I need Everyone who Read that Log-line, to Tell me what you Think of this short Description.

It would be Interesting to see if ANY of you would like to go see a Movie with this Log-line Very Briefly telling You Something about what You may see…


YES, I really WANT Your feedback on the Log-line.


NOW then, I’d say that within the Creative Spectrum, if you got THAT one Thought,

Idea or Blast of Inspiration,

It’s REALLY Hard to get from that to the Finished Product.


Be it Either just that Thought, Idea or an Image which ANY Creative Person sees as a Snippet of the WHOLE;

THEY, I or Anyone for that Matter has to work toward…

You see,

ONE page of blank A4 piece of Paper – when Filled with whatever Information,

It Accounts to One Minute on the Screen.


HENCE, any Screenwriter would work in a Section of 60 pages for ONE Hour.

Anything over 60 means the Film is Longer than an Hour.

That’s REALLY – REALLY Difficult to do; Especially when it’s a ONCE off Movie.


You could look at an Average of 275 words on a Sheet of Paper.

NOW then, Just how hard would it be in SEEING what others would, on the Screen and

Doing this so well that the Film / Movie comes to a Full-Filling Conclusion…


NOT only that,

But you need to ALMOST attack your Story or the Idea,

Making sure that You’ve got the Mechanisms in Place to Draw the Audience in and

MAKE them willing to Spend that much time IN Watching the Movie…



With my First Attempt even After reading the Same Book,

I didn’t use what I’d seen this time AND

Suspect if you did have to Concentrate HARD enough,

I could do without Much of the Aspects of what is Mentioned in the Book.


That said,

It’s Much easier to USE what Others had found over time & Experience.

THUS, This time I’ll use as Much of the Information I got from the Book.

SEEING the Image you’ve got –

Let it NOT confuse you TOO much!


The Idea is that It’s working like a Board on which the Entire Movie would be Plotted – each aspect thereof will Help with the Flow of the Movie and

It also Serves as a Roadmap for the Writer NOT to get Lost OR off-track Too much.


There are Various Characters,

NONE so More Important that the Main Character

AS Well as His or Her Love Interest OR Opposite they Play with.

BUT do not Forget that without their “Bad Guy / Girl” in the Mix,

This will NOT work!


Now the Writer Need to Build-Up to the various Sections in the Script.

He or She much work with not ONLY the Story line,

There’s the Sub-plot as well – which Draw-in Additional Characters AND

With all of this, make sure the Flow of the Movie is Up to speed.


Everyone Except for the Bad-Guy/Girl has to Grow or Learn or Move from one Emotional place to their Final EUREKA point.

THIS, while keeping the original Story-line intact.


Let’s NOT forget that They want you on the Edge of Your Seat at places,

Making you KNOW there’ll be More and keep you Wanting it as well!


“they” say, “they” want it the SAME, But “they” want it DIFFERENT as well,


NOT only this but – Don’t TELL me, SHOW me…


This is Really Hard for Anyone to get Around to, YET if you’re in the Business of things – a Writer OR Creative Person, that’s Part of the Issues – Problems – Hard Work to struggle through…


Within all of this,

ANY Creative Person will TOTALLY loose their Minds in TRYING to do this,

Knowing that Every Creative Process is Different than the OTHERS out there –

But ONE thing they’ve got in Common…


No matter how GOOD you are,

If You’re NOT doing the Hard Work,

Just WHO in the Entire World would do that For You?


It doesn’t Matter how hard it Might look now,

But as soon as we’ve Done what We have to,

Normal work or Creative,

ONLY after You’ve Done can you Move forward to the Next Step…



Different People have Different Talents and Abilities –

But that wouldn’t MATTER in the Least,

UNLESS – You get Done what needs be Done and

Improve on Your Finished Product when You get






One Step at a time is Better,

Than letting Everyone walk You BY and You See where it is where You’d like to be,

But, Not Starting or Finishing – Doesn’t allow You to Reach that Place…


NOTHING in the World is Easy,

If it was, Everyone Else would be Doing the Same thing;

Even though it Looks Easier than MOST would say,

Everything Takes it’s TIME to Master and not a Moment Less…


Master Your Passion!


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