That POMPOUS Irritation!

angry boy

A guy too angry with green shirts

I’ve been Writing for Far Longer than I can Believe some days. Not only this,

I do hope that my Thoughts and Ideas and Possibly,

Ranting do NOT leave a Foul taste in Most People’s Mouths…


Ironic to say this,

As you Might suspect,

This would be what I’ve seen again on my Twitter Account.


Usually when I get a Strange Reaction from Someone else,

There’s a NOT so Interesting Tweet which got Circulated via my

Automated App / Program I’m using on my Account…

It’s called:


The ONE Tweet which Most do not read Carefully OR

At least come back to ask me what is going on –

Which SOME of the Good People do ask me when in Doubt… is this one:


{users} (4=Twitterverse) We’re ONLY Human, but that’s not EXCUSE 4 Anyone acting like a Pompous ASS at Times!


It’s so Easy to make up Our OWN minds and believe we Know what another Person is Thinking,

We rarely take the time in Most Situation to Grasp the Idea that even when we Speak,

Do we STILL confuse People around us.


Our Communication is MORE than just words.

ME working in the General Arena of Words can tell you that Even though you Might believe you Know or You heard what was said,

Reading words, NOT knowing the Actual Intention behind them,

That can Cause you Such a Blunder!


Our Body-Language consist of at Least 50-80% of our Communication.

That is, If all the Powers that Be will Stand by this Standard…


NOW then,

If you do not See the Picture of what Someone is Writing you clearly,

Do not Hear and Notice what they’re Saying to you Clearly,

HOW on Earth can We believe to Understand what was Meant?


Not only this,

Our Minds run in a different Way from Others and See things in a Different Light as well.

We Register information in a Different Manner and Come to a Conclusion in a Different way from People around us.


There are SO many Variables which We could be Missing,

In our Fast Lives we take in so much –

Making and Honest Mistake is so easy to do…

Accepting it,

That’s a little Harder AND Worse than that,

Admitting to it,

That’s almost Impossible!


Like Myself,

I read a Message on my Notifications Tab on Twitter,

Rather than seeing the word;


I read it as Pleasure!


Now take it in this Light;

It’s no pleasure…

WHICH doesn’t Sound or Look to be that Nice!

Rather than;


So even I had to re-read the same little Sentence myself,

Very Easy of Us to make a Mistake within Our Communications!


The LAST thing within all of this that’s Almost a Bigger issue;

When our Fragile EGO’S get in the way…

Yes I’ve Said it;

When we feel Wronged,

You just Might Lash-out, When and Where You shouldn’t be.

Always TRY and take a Deep Breath,

Look at what you’re Facing and run it through Your Mind at least Twice.

NOT only to get you More Upset,

Look at the Message from a Different Angle.


IF and When you do react,

If and When you Might be wrong,

Changing things Around will NOT be that Easy!



Others have Feelings as well,

It’s NOT to say what them Meant and what You heard,

Was Meant to Insult You…


AND no,

I got the Idea of their Message – Asking for a FB Like,

Which I Gladly gave them…

As well as Coming up with Our Blunders in Communications…


WONDER if Ever the Animals had such Issues


Would those ONLY be their Natural Instincts?


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