Arrivals & Departures…


You know that FEELING, when Someone that you know –

A Friend,

A Family-member,

A Work-colleague,

SOMEONE that you know; asks for some help?


You want to help, BUT most of the times –

You’ve got absolutely NO idea what you’re getting Yourself Into OR

What might actually happen!


In any Lesser words, this would be true for me,

But this was my Oldest Sister (we’re 6 children so by the way) who Needed help in getting to the International Airport. (Something work-related was afoot…)

THUS, she needed me to Drop her and go Pick her up.


This wasn’t a Difficult thing to do.

For the time being; there wasn’t Anyone else to help her,

So I was the Additional Logical Choice to help her.


Off course Yes, I’d be able to help you.

We drove there on a Sunday – not needing to have an Off-Day.

Having a Pleasant drive there…

Not worried about anything in the least.


The AIRPORT is Massive place and I always wonder if I’d be Driving Correctly in doing what I need to have to.

ONE thing Though – ALL the Parking there is Hugely Expensive!

If you do not need to Pay for Parking, do what you can in this way…


I’ve not been there many-a-times,

SO, after we Stopped at the Departures section,

I help my Sister inside the massive building.

We found more or less where she need be going.

In the Mean time she used the Ladies…

THEN, eventually I said my goodbyes…


Happily and Good in my Heart I walk back to the car…


THAT’S just where I get the SHOCK of the Day!

At FIRST I believed Myself to be Mistaken – ONLY when I walk closer, did I see what My MIND told me was going on;

That was REALLY Happening!


I get to the Car and I saw there’s a Tow-Truck, having the Rear-wheels OFF the tar and In the air.

Ready to Hall the car away so that I’d be Stranded!


I ALSO saw there’s a Fine on the Windscreen as well!

Now then, I walk up to the Man in charge of this and Inquired, what is going on…

NOT having the Least Clue of what was Happening!


With SO Many boards up on the side,

You’re MORE interested in Knowing where You’ve got to stop
AND If you’re at the Right place, on Time, have the Right Fight Number…

MOST of the Boards You don’t even LOOK at,

Not that you Want to be a Idiot; NOT to look!


After the Attacks on the World Trade Center’s,

I would Suspect with Everyone Having to be at the Airport

3 Hours before the Flight – there would be OTHER protocols in place.


ONE of these would be, When dropping someone Off OR

Picking them up as well – when You park,

IF the Car is Unattended; NO ONE in the car while You’re gone,

They’ll write you a Ticket AND Tow Your Car away from there!


ALTHOUGH I didn’t See a Board Stating that There MUST be someone in the Car while You’re not there,

So I cannot say if MOST people would KNOW this Rule OR Law around parking there…?


So I have a Discussion about the Car being ALMOST Towed,

BUT then what I suspected;

If They’re not ON their way, I suspect the Person Has got the Choice in Giving You the Car OR They can tow it away… leniency?


I suspect that I’d have had a Bigger issue,

With the CAR being a Front-Wheel-Drive,

It’s Rear wheels were Up in the Air


I Always stop the Car in First Gear…

SO, if this Person was to drive Off with the Car;

It could Easily have Broken the First Gear – which Knowing some about Cars,

The Car wouldn’t easily have Popped out of First…

HENCE there goes the GearBox!


Luckily, while I spoke with this the man,

I could see, with me there JUST in-time,

He was able to let the car go.


I was seriously WORRIED about this,

Seeing how I’d be walking back Home and Having to Deal with the Issues or Problems

Of my car being Caught and Locked in the Impound lot!


SO, do not EVER at the Airport leave Your car Unattended,

If you’re Not sure,

Rather pay those Few Bucks and KNOW It’ll Not be SO much more!


Y E S,

I did go Fetch my Sister.

Drove slowly through the Arrivals section,

Got onto the Freeway and Turned around,

Driving to the Secondary Arrivals section;

Luckily at this time She was outside the Building already!


There wasn’t ANY kind of Incident,

BUT I must Admit that I had no idea if SOMETHING else might happen Nonetheless…

At Least, Next time I’d know Not to Leave the car Unattended.

IF you’d like to say a Nice Hi or Goodbye;


Pay for the Parking – No matter How Much you believe It SHOULDN’T cost!


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