Flatulence (FARTING)


This is Ironically one of the Most Natural things which WE

Cannot control… YES, you can do what you can in Keeping this from Happening,

But then the Smart People out there, the Doctors believe it’s not Healthy to do so…


As I would KNOW,

Seeing I had an Operation, one in which my Stomach Valve had to be Fixed –

Seeing that it wasn’t a One way Valve and cause issues for me with, Heartburn.


At the same time the Specialist also fixed my Diaphragm Rupture,

It assisted the Cause of my Heartburn and so,

Both had to be fixed to give me the Relieve of the Heartburn.


The Stomach Acid which seeped past the Malfunctioning Valve would Also degrade my Oesophagus – leading to my Stomach and would have probably Dissolved it after TOO long exposure from the Acid… Really-Really Painful!


After the Operation the Doctor told me that I might NOT be able to

Throw-up when and if I felt ill – Which I can Attest to,

It doesn’t happen easily AND if you were to feel this Sick and do have a Talk to George…

Having to Throw-up, it’s Horrible and it is Painful.

THE Issue for me here, It’s now Twice as Horrible and Painful for me!


The Doctor also told me that with the Inability to Throw-up,

I’d also have to know that when I do pass Gas…

It will be Different from what I’d been Use to in the Past.


THUS, I thought to share a few pieces of Information on Passing gas with you…

  1. Flatulence is a Combination of Air trapped or being Swallowed when Eating or even Drinking. It can be released from Your body while also Processing food in you Intestines. I’ll spear you the percentages of the Combination for the Various gasses we do Emit…


  1. The SULFUR in your Diet is the Culprit, which is responsible for the Bad Smell when we let one Rip – Beans, Cabbage, Cheese, Soda and Eggs…


  1. On an Average, we Produce about Half a Liter of Gas each Day – Passing Gas about 14 Times a Day… IF a Person was to Fart Continuously for 6 Years 9 Months – the Gas Produced would be Equivalent Energy to that of an Atomic Bomb… NOT too sure on this, but it Does sound a little WOW!


  1. Passing of the Gas have been Clocked at a SPEED of 10 Feet Per Second – as it’s a Warm gas it takes about 10-15 Seconds to Rise and reach out Beloved noses…?


  1. SOME Doctors believe that HOLDING them in as long as you can, Isn’t Healthy; They’ll still have to Discuss that one.


  1. In Some cultures it’s NOT a big deal to Let Em Rip… For the Indian Tribe in South

America – the Yanomami… As well as in China, Apparently you can get a Job as a Professional Fart-Smeller! Don’t KNOW about that one!


  1. Those Lovely Human Being which Set the Gas on Fire – this is Possible because of the Methane and Hydrogen in the Gas… In RARE cases, it’s been KNOWN to be quit Damaging when things goes Wrong… Don’t do it!


  1. ANYONE who Dislike Termites – WELL here’s another Reason why You should Hate them! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, TERMITES produce a Great Deal of Methane gas – per size Far More than what Cows can Produce… Great Power in Small Sizes?


  1. When we Sleep we Frat without the Ability to keep them in – You relax and whatever will be, will be!


  1. Even After we Die, our bodies Emit the Gas until Rigor Mortis sets in.


Then as well, when we allow the Gas to Pass Effortlessly, the chances are that No One would Easily KNOW there was such a visitor in the area.

ONE thing I do know, the MORE force behind the Passing Gas there is,

The more Intense the Reach and the Intensity for the Sulfur-smell becomes…


I was told that while the Body produce the Gas as a Natural Bi-product of our Digestive system, I would Steadily find there’s an Increase of most of what is Mentioned in this Post.

I do have to say, the Doctor wasn’t Right on this one.


It MAY be an Natural Body function and for US to pass the Gas as a Natural Bi-product,

If you’re like me, having Killer Volumes and that Intensity,

You’d do Whatever you can at NOT forcing Anyone Else at Suffering YOUR normal Body Functions!


All The Best To You and

Trying to be as Decent to those Unsuspecting People around you!


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