As I sit here, getting my Thoughts up on the Screen,

I know all too Well just what kind of Struggle I’m working on myself.

To say the Least; A Battle which Many a person has faced as well.


The Fact is this:

That saying which goes like this…

If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Have Done It!

That with the Idea of, Getting OR even Facing obstacles in your Way which Life or the Universe, GOD or Your own Planning / Choices places in your way… go Reach beyond!


So I do know a Little about Reaching WAY past what You’d believe is Possible,

I do know a little about the Obstacles in Your way as well.


BUT here’s the Kicker,

Without that Challenge of Reaching beyond ourselves,

Doing SOMETHING more and even Challenging,

Just how would we Know what we can Do or would even Accomplish in the END?



There’s the Fear of Failure


There’s the Fear of the Unknown,

What “they’d” Say or even Do…


I doubt it’s really, More the Fear of Failure all the time,

But that You COULD be wasting your Time, Money or even Your Life…


BUT worse of all,

When We Do Reach Beyond Ourselves,

We Could also be Worried that We’re NOT as Good or Brilliant as we’d Hope Ourselves to be!


That as well as the Fact, If your Plans do not Work Out,

What would You do Next OR where would You go from there?


We’re ALL Fowl-able


There’s NO way of Challenging yourself without Putting Yourself Out there!

You Cannot gauge Your own Abilities without Showing up for the Measuring Contest!


That’s what is Most Scary,

Looking at the Other Guys / Girls and Falling Short.

Even though MANY around you May have Kept the Believe in Your Mind that You’re Better than the Rest.


The Thing here is this, You can ONLY see how good you are at Your Dreams,

Is when You’re being Challenged at it…

Without that Critique, Just how would WE know where, how and when we have to Change our Sights to become better –

STILL believing You’re So good when You do not Contest that against Life?


ONE of Two things will Inevitably Happen;

  1. You COULD be Blown Away to KNOW that You’re Good and just Need to work a little bit Harder in Reaching the Stars…


  1. OR You could find out that You need to Re-thing what You’re AIMING at…


I’d Rather say; KNOW and Understand what You can do and

If you Cannot do it, Either Evolve by Learning Better


Change what You’d Like to do and SEE where You could do better when You’re Doing something Different!


I KNOW this Feeling, and even Though I got Pretty Positive Feedback,

I can tell You that now that I’m ONCE again Re-writing My Screenplay,

With the NEW-Found Knowledge and Info – it’s STILL Daunting;

SEEING that my Once Again Re-written work had not been Critiqued!


THAT as well as a CRAZY Idea I have for a Season Finale Change to a

TV Series…

No one said that it’ll be EASY!


This Fact is only this,

We Reach beyond ourselves,

We Aim higher and

We Dream bigger than what Might be…


You Might Fail Miserably,

BUT if you Do try,

It’ll always be Better to Work on that Plan,

Reaching and Challenging Yourself.


WE Never know who’d Read, See or Hear about Your Craziness,

That Person Could just Very well Open a Closed Door,

Just because in our Utter Madness we Decided to Knock at that Door…


Here’s to Everyone;

Will to make a Fool of Themselves at Knocking at those Doors we try Every day…

Reach Beyond Yourself and Take the Positive from every Failure as another Challenge!


2 thoughts on “Reaching…

  1. nice post. I am taking some good vibes away from it. you have no idea how relevant your post is to me at this time in my life. thanks for posting it. and thanks for finding me on twitter.

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