Sleep Deprivation!


Some time ago I wrote a peace on Insomnia.

Just so you should know, there’s a Big Difference between Insomnia which happens a few times a Month and an Issue you might have with Sleep Deprivation.


I’m not going to Argue that there’s aspects of the Two which Co-inside either.

But then, here’s the Kicker…

The Sleep Deprivation which Someone, POSSIBLY Me can experience;

There are various Researched Disorders connected to Sleep Deprivation!


This Problem or Disorder is such an Issue that I know for a fact,

It’s been used quit frequently as a means of Torture.


For those Poor people who suffer from this, not being Diagnosed, they’re not having a Ball and most Importantly of all – do not Get Sufficient Rest either!


The Lack of a Regular normal night’s sleep during the Week, or the Month and this Continuing over the Year or even more could affect you in Various ways,

Which possibly most People do not know about…


The very lucky situation is that Sleep Deprivation can be treated and with the Prolonged lack of a Good Night’s Sleep there are Medical Problems which are connected to Sleep Deprivation…

You could suffer from the next in Due Time:

  1. High Blood Pressure
  2. Heart Attack
  3. Heart Failure
  4. Stroke
  5. Psychiatric Problems – Depression or Mood Swing Disorders
  6. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  7. Mental Impairment
  8. Fetal & Childhood Growth Retardation
  9. Injury From Accidents
  10. Disruption Of Your Partner’s Sleep Quality
  11. Poor Quality Of Life

These could all the issues which You, Me or Them could be facing in the Long-Term if what ails you in the Sleeping Department.

The very BIG Luckily aspect as I mentioned, the Problem can be Addressed for better Results from what you experience right now.


There are a few issues which you can look at, Which they call the Short-Term problem associated with Sleep Deprivation.

This if you’ve been having the issue for at least a Month or so, I’d suspect…


  1. Decreased Performance & Alertness
  2. Memory & Cognitive Impairment
  3. Stress (In Relationships As Well)
  4. Poor Quality Of Life
  5. Occupational Injury
  6. Automobile Injury

As soon as the Possible Disorder had been Identified, the Cause or Reason behind it can be Addressed and You may have a better chance at a Good Night’s sleep.


The Experts say that we should have at least between 6 & 8 Hours of sleep.

That’s said if you are so lucky in sleeping as much.

Any Disruption in your Patens which take away any Sleep between 1½ and 2 hours on a Regular basis should be something to look into.


There are People Born with a Gene in their Bodies,

They can function on less sleep and feel Refreshed – but then I doubt that’s many people who are so Lucky after all!


When you Need some rest during Your work-day and Especially when you Don’t feel Revitalized after a Night’s sleep,

You might want to Consider looking into your Sleeping Paten’s and see what You May find out.


I Myself isn’t SO interested in the Idea of a Power Nap.

Not to say that Do not work, BUT the Once or Twice I did manage to take one –

Not at Work though;

I made me MORE Tired than Refreshed me in any which way!


There’s SO MANY reasons why You might not have Good Sleeping Patens,

BUT if Your issues with this can be Treated,

Why not seek a Possible Solution and Enjoy more Sleep than which You’re Use to?


This Morning I woke about an HOUR before my Regular Time,

WHY you may ask…

Having a Brilliant Idea for a Novel – which Hopefully ONE Day see the Light of Day…

BUT that Occurs very Seldom…


Have an Awesome Nights’ Sleep

And be Well Rested!


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