Irritable DAMN Bowel Syndrome!


Pain, Irritation, Intense Discomfort!

Anyone and Everyone who had been in some pain which They couldn’t Escape from,

Would definitely KNOW what it’s like when your Intestines decide to have an

Argument with your own Body!


The LAST time I had to Endure this,

It woke me up at Probably TWO o’clock in the Morning!

There’s no Real cure for this Syndrome, but I have found there’s possible ways in which to Decrease the Intensity which Anyone could be feeling…


As per Normal,

There are a few things which WE can do,

Those of US who have had those kinds of Cramps,

You CANNOT hide from!


Not only this, the Specialist tells that there isn’t any REAL understanding of what

REALLY causes it and THUS like Science – I suspect Everything I’d read would be

Everyone’s best Guess at this point…

STILL no one Could have Any idea on the Matter – which would be BAD!


It’s not Really a Disease and LUCKILY for those of US

Who had felt this more than ONCE would tell you,

WHEN it does come around, It REALLY-really doesn’t Feel all that Great!


Worse than that,

My Mother and One Sister had endured this,

I’m Younger than Both and thus Suspect Only that I’ve endured this Syndrome

Action Probably more than them… NOT sure either!


It could be that it’s a Genetic Disposition,

Seeing out of the SEVEN original Family Members,

Only Three as far as I know have this Syndrome rearing it’s PAINFUL head!

I might add, I’d not spoken to the rest, but Mom and Sis didn’t Mention any others who had

Struggled with it either…


NOW then,

The Experts say that there’s Foods which we should Avoid –

THIS would be some Vegetables… Hard to Imagine that one!

  1. Cauliflower
  2. Horseradish
  3. Watercress
  4. Wasabi
  5. Wasabi
  6. Kale AND
  7. Broccoli…

That said, THEY also say that You’ve got to keep a Food Diary.

Seeing that EVERYONE is different and Thus,

We ALL react differently to Every External Stimuli affecting US…


There are some Legumes – no idea what this means (Checking Google though…);

Which can Trigger symptoms as well…

  1. Black beans
  2. Chickpeas (garbonzo beans)
  3. Edamame
  4. Fava beans AND
  5. Soy Nuts

There are OTHER things to Avoid if you can,

THEY might not be SO easy to avoid…

  1. Caffeine
  2. Alcohol
  3. Dairy Products
  4. Fatty Foods
  5. Foods high in Sugar
  6. Artificial Sweetners (sorbitol and xylitol)

I DID say not All of them were Easy!


There’s NO Guarantee that ANY of our Best plans would Working in

Stemming the Reaction to Anything WE, YOU or I even eat…

It’s LIKE the current Problem with my Car, There’s a SOUND and I can for the LIFE of me NOT figure out what’s wrong to Fix that Problem!


Every SINGLE time the I B S had HIT me,

I cannot tell WHY it’s happening and I suspect it’s ALMOST Impossible that this Problem could be So Easily Pinpointed either!


In the PHOTO I’ve gotten, I have it on GOOD authority, this Product could help,

Which I cannot say for sure – Not been there since 4th March 2016.

BUT I’ll get some of it and SEE if this will help.

Something Else you should try to help would be the Following:

  1. Adding more Fiber to your Diet
  2. Drinking Plenty of Water
  3. Avoiding Soda drinks
  4. Eating smaller Meals
  5. Eating Low Fat and High Carbohydrate foods


Not ENTIRELY sure this will help, but You’re more than Free to see to this.


As to the rest of this Problem,

There could be something Your Local Pharmacist can Recommend for you.

The OTHER thing You should Consider, if the Regularity of this PAINFUL Syndrome Occur MORE often; You’ll best go visit Your Local MEDICAL Doctor!

It’s NOT Cool to have this Pain at ANY time of the Day or Night,

What is MORE Un-Cool,

If there’s Something to be Done about it,

Leaving it Be and Suffering because of that Choice…


ALWAYS take Care of Yourself,

THEN, take Care of those Around You!


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