In the Heart of the Beholder…


THIS post today is Really Funny or just Totally Ironic!

Seeing it’s Friday Evening at 22:10…

Busy watching Season 5 Disk 2 Episode 5 – 8 of CASTLE.


TOMORROW we’re going out of Town and Driving to Pretoria,

When you Read this it’ll have been Yesterday AND the Wedding had taken Place already.

TOLD you this is a Funny One today!


The Thing of it is this,

My Oldest Brother, which isn’t the Oldest Sibling between Us,

His Daughter just got Married and as far as I know, She’s 21.


It’s NOT a Shotgun wedding, but I KNOW from my Own Life’s Experience,

Going on a DATE and Making it work out – that’s NOT the Easiest of things to Accomplish.

Myself and Possibly More readers than I’d suspect would Think They’re TOO Young to get Married – but I cannot Really say that either.


I have no Idea what their Relationship is Like and what they’d Experienced themselves so far.

I had a FRIENDSHIP for at least 10 Years and Even though I wanted more,

We had ONLY One Date in all of that time… understandable why things didn’t progress?


Therefore, I cannot be a Reliable source of why THEY should be waiting.

Not only this,

There’s a Massively Big Difference between Just Dating and Planning to make a Relationship work.


There’s SO Much which is Standing against Us; Just Living.

What about Finding Love and THAT One Person, willing to do All of that With YOU?

What not to say, Wanting and Willing to Spend all of that Time with You!


I’m NOT worried at this Moment,

Seeing that You’d land a Date Easy enough,

BUT for Us to Find that One Person willing to Stand and Walk down this Path of Life,

FULL OR even Empty, with what we Want and a Lack of what we Need,

That is the Very Difficult thing to find… That ONE Person!


I am 41 AND Not Found that ONE Woman to Spend so much time with.

Not ONLY this,

But Again there’s Another Function I am going to Alone…

That’s Life – ONLY this time I have as far as I’ve Heard,

A Blind Date!



I’m 100% up for that,

The Good, The Bad and The Unknown!

The Fact is this – If you’re NOT willing to take that Leap then there’s Something wrong!


That said,

Leading Up to this Wedding and NOW over this Long Weekend,

I’ve been House Sitting and Like some Many times before,

Had a Realization!


There are Three Dogs here at the house I’m Watching.

STRANGE you might Think, but then Just consider this…

The ONE dog is so Old it Cannot keep up with the rest and Do not care who is here.


Then there’s the Little one and the Older, bigger, Puck.

The Little Dog craves MORE attention than I most times have to give,

Although it’s Easy to handle and Deal with – It also becomes Really Irritating, Spending Such time with the little Demanding dog.


On the Other hand,

For the First day I “met” the Puck,

He didn’t LIKE me in the least bit.

Knowing the Breed and NOT worried in the least!


As You MAY suspect,

I’ve Extended a greater Deal of Attention to the Puck over the Months,

THUS, I’ve come to make Friends and with the Characteristics of the Dog,

That’s NOT anything Easy to do!

These Dogs have only ONE Master… the Rest stay outside…


This I mention,

Seeing that YOU May fall Deeply and Desperately In Love with that ONE Person,


If You’re “Basics” Do not Correspond with Each Other,

The Relationship MIGHT look possible to Work,


That might just be YOUR Stubbornness which WANT it to work!


Even if You Cannot Help for whom you Fall In Love with,

There are just Those Variables in Life which will NOT change for None of US,

It’s NOT the Easiest of things to find Someone…


But WORSE than that,

When You want to Tell Yourself that there’s ONLY One Person,

Missing Out on the Sea of Possibilities out there is a Definite FACT!



As the Saying goes;

How Many Frogs Must A Girl Kiss Before She Finds Her PRINCE…?

Very True at that,

The Fact is ONLY this,

When we Refuse to See that Person OR the Relationship – isn’t for Us,

How much Time are you Willing to Loose OR Waste before You see the LIGHT?


Just the Last Thought here,

If you’re Concentrating SO Hard on that ONE Person or Relationship to WORK,


How many Easy or Correct or Possible OTHERS are you Missing Out on when You’re

ONLY Focusing on the One that’s NOT working?


Admitting that It’s NOT Working is sometimes Harder than what We can See or are Willing to Accept that it is happening…


When You let go and Find something Better;

You’d be Happier and Live Better and Go possibly Further than where You are

Wasting Your Time…?


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