Divergent Series

Here we go Again, what is he going on about?

Well here’s my Thoughts, Ideas or Believes…

I’ve of Recently, this being Yesterday – watched Again

The Hunger Games – Mocking-Jay Part. 2


This next bit might as well be Sacrilegious or not,

But I suspect I’d mentioned beforehand that I do not Read any Books these days,

Research Yes, but since I’ve been Writing SO MUCH,

I do not read that much…


This is NOT to say there AREN’T Good, Brilliant or Worthwhile pieces of work out in the World,

I just Want, Need to get My pieces of Work finished as well.


Getting back on POINT,

I do LOVE many of the Pieces which had been Developed into Film,

BUT what have become the NORM would be for the LAST of the Films to be SPLIT into to TWO Parts…

WHICH for Most parts are Okay-ish BUT also VERY Irritating!


As far as I could SEE on the Internet,

Harry Potter started this whole Phenomenon.

Where the LAST Film was Split into TWO Parts.

There could Obviously be OTHER places this had Happened, But for all Intents I’m not going there.


Twilight was the Other Film Series which did the same.

THEN there was The Hunger Games


Here are Two more which I have to wait for SOME Time to come to Film!


The Maze-Runner

And Obviously,


which Both have shown us the First Episode of the Last Film as far as I know in their Series.


I do not have ANY issue with what they’re doing,

The ONLY question I have on this is,

WHY oh WHY would it take them So Long to get the Films Made?


Yes, I should know a Little Better and UNDERSTAND more,

Seeing that I’ve got a Better than Average Knowledge of Film;

BUT: You, We, I can HOPE they’d actually work a Little Faster on those to come!


THEN, that Other Dreaded question I suspect MANY had asked and wondered


WHY is it that the Film of the Last Book had to be SPLIT in two?


There’s the Obvious Idea of Creating more Revenue on the Second of the Last Films and getting the Fans to watch BOTH of them,

Which would be understanding under ANY normal Circumstances.


If You’ve got a GOOD thing going, Why would you NOT cash in on this and DO whatever you can in Generating MORE Revenue while you can.

Life’s Fickle no matter what Anyone says;

Before you know, that Burning Light fades and Possibly NEVER comes back again!


That’s also Understandable,

But then, there would be THOSE clever Idiots,

Who would Let us Believe that the Last Book in the Series is TOO long, TOO thick, TOO much for only One Movie…

THIS can be, BUT in Most instances I suspect NOT!


No matter what we Believe,

Those People who chooses to do this,

They’re the ones Doing as they believe and Probably Paying for that as well,

IF the Film or the Series BOMBS,

Then it’s THEM who are the Ones who Loose out…


It’s just a Pity that when THEY Know that the Fan-Base is Big,

WHY does it always have to be,

SUCH a Damn Long Time before we either Receive that Film


As I’m Currently Doomed in Waiting,

For the

Castle Series    – Season 8 to come to DVD…

NCIS                   – Season 12

Grimm               – Next Season

Suits                  – Also the same

Arrow                – there as well,

Bones                – AND we can go on…

That’ll NOT be the Last Series I’d be Waiting for either!


WE enjoy the Pieces so much,

But then the DEMAND Most of the Time OUTREACH the Supply and THUS,

We have to WAIT Until they can get Through the Production…


Until then,

If you’ve got SOMETHING better or Else to Enjoy,


ALL we can do is WAIT!


ALL the Best to You in this…


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