Reaching The Boundary.


There are a great many boundaries which Exist in the World we live in,

The IRONIC fact of this is,

There’s JUST as many People YOU know who would Overuse them, as well as Use You to get what they want.


ONE of the Most Common ones would be where You’re Working.

I can vaguely remember writing a Post SOME Time ago about this,


Seeing I’ve been through something the same,

Just a few Thoughts on this…


Those people who do NOT really know You,

Wouldn’t under Normal circumstances Use you as Those who DO Know you,

Would do, seeing it would be SO much easier for US to react to that

UNKNOWN person who is a Stranger.


BUT, Our Friends, Colleagues, AND Family aren’t in the Same BOAT…

That’s a Pity to say the least!

The Fact of the Matter is this,

When you do Decided that You’re Putting Your Foot down,

Have a Very Conscious look at their REACTION.


From this, You can see IF and possibly WHY they might be Using you,

Even within the Idea that You want to Help them with Something,

JUST look to see if they’re Unset that they Cannot Control the Situation more.


This would give you a Clear Indication if they’re Squeezing out MORE of the Juices of Your Willingness to Help.

Especially when they Come with the Idea;

“If You’re not doing something on That day,

“What are Your plans for then,

“Are You doing something Important…”


It is OKAY to help someone In need,

BUT there’s Nothing in the Manual that Says,

When You feel they’re Overstepping this,

You HAVE to take it on the Chin!


It doesn’t Matter who or why or what Happened for them to Need Your Assistance in Whatever is going on,

You Politely help them, KNOWING there’s Little else You can do…

BUT, beyond that – Help whomever you have said to help,

BUT, that doesn’t mean that Your Own plans and Needs shouldn’t be met either!


If and As Long as this Person,

Whomever, THEY may be,

Are willing to Accept that and PLAN their Needs around Yours as well;


THEN Only would Your time be Well spend, helping Whomever it is

As You’d get around to Your own Plans and Needs…


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