The X in the Ray.


Some Time Ago, I found that my Right Arm started getting sore.

I visited the Chemist and got some Medication.

The combination of Voltaren (SA only I think) and a Muscle Relaxant didn’t really work for me.


While I kept on working on the Computer, I found that using the Mouses’ button too much, my Arm got even more Irritated.

Later as well, I could feel that there were Needles and Pins in my Left Hand…

THIS would probably be an Issue with Some part of my Nervous-system.

It’s a Major Nerve connecting both Arms with the Nervous System.


I was told to get X-Rays taken from my Neck as this would possibly be the Area where the Nerve could be Irritated OR

Because of the Proximity of Our Arms to your Spinal Column and Our Arms being so Close to our Necks…


And YES, I looked into X-Rays to see just what there was to Learn of Interest!


So here goes–

X-Rays were Discovered by the German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen in 1895.

This discovery was Coincidental, as he was studying cathode rays in a high-voltage gaseous-discharge tube…


Like I have ANY idea what this really means!

But then, What makes the X-Rays so useful – at their Specific Strength,

The Rays – Waves, travels through our Bodies and on the Negative Film there’s an Image left.

The reason why Radiologist can Use the Image – seeing that some of the Energy passing through the Body get imprinted on the Negative.


OUR soft tissue does not absorb the Energy and thus, doesn’t look that Clear on the Negative Film as our Bone structure does.

As well, the Bones and possibly Cancerous tumors as well as Other foreign Objects are MORE Dense and shows much clearer on the Negative film.


Although the soft tissue doesn’t absorb much of the Energy,

A good Radiologist would Surmise aspects of our Biologic Issues or Problems which we might have.

Even though the Tissue in question didn’t materialize That clear with the X-Rays…


Incidentally as well,

The STRONGER wave powered X-Rays are used to treat Cancerous Tumors as well.

This to the Extent that when you go have X-Rays again,

The Attending Personal who help you, they cannot Continuously work with the Equipment, as it’s can become an Issue over time to Exposure to the Rays produced.


With my Arm and the Idea that the Nervous system wouldn’t Easily pick up the

Rays OR show on the Negative Film – there is a Chemical (dangerous) which can be used to Pin-Point Nerves and Blood-veins or Arteries.

ONLY People with Specialized Knowledge should be Using Barium sulphate.

Like bones and such – this Chemical in the body also Absorbs the Rays much better than the Rest of the Soft Tissue and can be Viewed on the Negative Film…

Of this, I do not know that much…


As I read further I saw that within the Realm of X-Rays, I saw that a CT or CAT

scan also uses Pin-Pointed Rays to Scan the body.

In the very same Tube, you lie,

The Rays are Directed through the Body and at the 180º around the body,

The rays are collected in crystals on the opposite side from where the Rays enter the body,

THUS, the computer calculate the differences in the Energy which is scanning the body.

More complicated than that, but in this fashion an Image, is formed.


From here a Rendering is done on a Computer so that the Technician, Doctor or Specialist can see, read and Diagnose what they see in the image of the Patient.

This process is Invariably Expensive, but it’s also FAR more Accurate than the normal X-Ray process.


Now then,

In very Short Due Time I’ll be having my Own X-Rays to determine what is Wrong with my Arm, Shoulder or even my Neck and why I’m getting and Irritation with my Muscles and Nerves, giving me the Issue while I do my Everyday tasks.

Not TOO sure what is coming,

But then I know that I’ve got to deal with the Problem and Possibly they’ll help me find a Lasting Solution to my Somewhat Discomfort…


Take care of Yourself,

Then those Around you…


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