Budding Tastes…


I’ve been having a GREAT irritation with my Sinuses. In this regard, I thought about HOW much our Noses we use for Smelling EVERYTHING around us.

This in Conjunction with our Tongue AND Your eyes as well,

HELPS us to Taste Everything we Eat, Make and See to be Had…


Now then, MOSTLY our Tongues are very Important in this Situation;

Seeing we’ve got Actually ( 5 ) Different Tastes our Tongues can Differentiate!

  1. Salty
  2. Sweet
  3. Sour
  4. Bitter AND
  5. Umami (it’s a Japanese term, Meaning a soft smooth kind of taste which

is mostly generated by acids in the food.)

Within this, you need to Know that if you do not have Your Nose in on the Action, The tastes of Various Foods and Everything you Eat and Drink will NOT Taste the same as when Your Nose in involved.


High UP in the Nose there are Olfactory receptors which run with Your nervous system to the Brain.

Combined, the Tongue and Nose, work in Union to send the Correct information to the Brian to report on what you are eating, drinking or tasting.

THUS, when we Eat the food, Chemicals in the Food itself is set free and Picked up by the Nose to help us with Identifying the Taste thereof…


            Even sometimes you can ALMOST taste that which is in the Air.

Here as well, Your receptors pick up in the air which might flow into your Mouth

AND with your Nose working together you can Taste something in the Air – Whichever it’s good OR bad at that…


When you Do this Little Experiment,

Being Blindfolded to have a Taste of something,

You should Pinch your Nose as well.

Cutting off the other Two Sensory Organs.

At this moment, you’d Taste and See just how good your Taste Buds are working…


The Taste Receptors Cells are replaced roundabout every 10 Days.

We have on Average between 2,000 to 10,000 Taste buds over our Tongues,

But with Age, some of them Aren’t Replaced anymore and THUS,

Foods which didn’t Bother Us before will Taste more Intense now.

Eating Rich, Spicy and Strong flavored foods Might not be so Nice for Older People.


It is Said that there’s AREAS on the Tongue which we Taste the Various Tastes.

Apparently this isn’t Really that TRUE as the Receptors are Found all over the Tongue.

What I’d say, We MIGHT have Receptors more Sensitive to the Tastes in the Specific

areas which in General would Make sense that there’re Various tastes sections on the Tongue in our Mouths.


This ORGAN is in Fact Not ONE but a Number of Various Muscles in our Mouth.

With the Various directions, it can Move in and it’s Job as a Taste Receptor, THERE’S more to this Muscle in our Mouths…


Without our Tongue in our Mouths,

There wouldn’t be Speech and Singing either.

In this regard, Even if we Chewed as Much as Possible,

Our Tongue is also Responsible for Moving our Food to the Back of our Mouths,

To swallow the food in itself…


BUT then,

Before we can do that,

There’s Spit, Saliva which not ONLY coats the Food but also helps with the Taste receptors, allowing the Chemicals release to the receptors.

WATER or that kind of Element helps to Convey the various bits of Elements to your Tongue, making it easier for the Receptor to pick-up on the Taste of the Food.


When then Food is nicely Covered,

Swallowing is SO Much easier…

The Saliva also helps with the Digestion of the Food and makes it even Softer than what it was like when you Bite a Dry Chip for instance…


Your body Produces between 1 to 2 Liters of Saliva a day.

Some People Produce less and Might need some Medical Assistance with this.

Then, there are People Producing TOO much and when they speak… Well, you get the Idea.

On this side, DO you Know of Anyone Not needing to drink something when they swallow Pills – that’s having more than Enough Saliva.


Now then Eyes.

Even though this might not Seem possible,

When the Chemical Release of the Food takes place and You taste is and Smell it,

You had to have Seen it, to eat.


So Your Eyes are as Important for you to KNOW what you are Eating.

At Some point when you eat Spicy or Hot food,

Your Eyes tend to Water OR they could Start Burning,

That’s possible when some of the Released Chemicals comes into Contact with your eyes and burn them.


So, when you Eat something the Next time,

See it, Smell it and then Taste it in Your mouth…

Remember these Parts of Yourself which are working Together in Creating that

Sensation for you.


Hope it’s an Enjoyable Experience for you!


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