If you do NOT know who this man is, well then You’re not the ONLY one who is wondering just what Kind of Ideas is running Rampant in my mind this time!

I MUST say that the Next few Words would POSSIBLY make the World of Difference in what Hit me a day or so Ago…


Give me a place outside the Earth on which to rest my Lever, and I will move the World – Lever of Archimedes.


ARCHIMEDES of Syracuse (Greek: Ἀρχιμήδης; c. 287 BC – c. 212 BC) was an ancient Greek Mathematician, Physicist, Engineer, Inventor, and Astronomer.


In the Picture you’ll see accompanying this Post, You’d see the Crane which I have NO idea what they were doing with – it had been moved from the One side of the Street to INSIDE the premises of the Company which was Using its Ability to do Something…


The THOUGHT here,

If you’ve got the Right Tool for the Right Job,

The Work would be SO Much Easier…


Then another Thought had Occurred to me as well,

When I was working at the Correctional Services,

We’d have a Patrolling unit in a Vehicle.

It was a Bakkie – Pick-up and it was 4X4;

Hence, I got to understand some of the Functions of the Vehicle.


Having Seen and Watched a few Videos and Programs on 4X4’s;

I also saw what the People would use to get these kinds of Vehicles out of Trouble,

Being stuck when someone goes Off-Roading…


Like the Crane, the WINCH of the Vehicle also Had a Cable which could potentially Pull it from its Stuck Position…

But when I looked at the Massively Huge Crane,

I also remembered that one Thread of Cable may be strong,

BUT when you Weave more than ONE together,

The Strength changes Dramatically!


What do Archimedes have to do with all of this,

WELL – From My point of view,

Using the Correct kind of Leverage,

You can move and lift almost Anything!


Another Brilliant and Interesting Example of this,

When our Very Quirky and Strange Pirate Captain JACK Sparrow was Freed from Prison and when he got OUT of there on his Own,

He used the Correct Leverage to do so…


In THIS regard as well, with the Crane,

If you do need to move Something – Pulling it Closer or Hoisting is,

If you Don’t have a Crane but you’ve got Enough Rope and a Few PULLIES,

The very same Idea can be Used in Accomplishing this task.


There’s ALWAYS the risk to having TOO much Weight,

That is the Idea with the 4 X 4 Bakkie – Pick-up Truck,

When the Winch Cable is used, there’s Always a Chance it can snap.

That would be Really-REALLY bad – as it would be like a Giant Elastic Bank and would act like a whip!


The Massive Crane have the Same trouble as the Winch Cable,

As do ALMOST everything else in our World,

Everything can Break.

But, with the Crane, it falls down – IF you’re Unlucky to have this happen.


Even when you use the PULLIES and Rope,

It can break as well.


Now then coming to the Idea from Archimedes,

If you have the Correct Leverage with ANY heavy Object,

The way to hold it or move it – if you do it correctly, You’d be able to move it.


When you have Chance at looking at the HOOK of one of these HUGE Machines.

You’d see the Cable Running through the Massive Hook Unit and you’d Probably see there’s more than one Wheel OR Pulley which the Cable is rolling over and this As well helps with Spreading the Weight evenly so it can handle MORE Weight without causing TOO much stress on the Whole system.



With the Right kind of Lever, you can move OR lift almost Anything you can Put your mind to…


We might not Always have such a Huge Crane or even a Winch,

Well then,

If You’ve got the Correct set of Hands…

Be HAPPY to help out those who are Willing to help you out…

Many Hands make lighter the work…


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